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Style guides for home interiors

Interior design has big effects on our life. It shows people beauty and causes relaxation. Having a good home interior design helps you to feel comfortable and safe in your place and use all the facilities. Every year the decorations have new styles fit to the new season and the last technologies. What are the last styles of decoration for your home interiors? Have you noticed about 2019 trending guides to design the home in a way that captures the eyes? The year 2019 like every year is full of new styles, especially in home interior designs. Keep reading this article to learn the newest thoughts of designers about home interior design and their trending guides. Using these tips to design your home, you will have a nice, comfortable place to live. Use big plants with bold leaves Bigger plants are eye-catching statements. Some big plants like palm trees or a rubber and dragon tree are suitable for every place in your home. Put them in corners and on each side of the sofa. Check the plant you purchase and how much sunlight and water it needs. Don’t miss the light of its place which should be appropriate for the plants. Plants boost glamour and clean the air that you breathe. If the home is little, one or two plants are enough to add perfection. If you don’t have plants, artificial plants are the best choice. Even you can use fabrics and wallpapers inspired by green natural patterns. Consider the ceiling In the 2019 trending design guide, the fifth wall is more important than other years. Consider the ceiling of spaces you need to feel intimate like the dining room and bedroom. Its color plays a big role to catch the feeling. Mostly it is advised to choose a base color that covers 60 percent of the room. Or unlikely try the accent color used in 10 percent of the room. This style makes the space more attractive. It’s a surprising element in a home by colors and materials. Make multifunctional space There is a shift in interior design in 2019, multi-use spaces! You can think about a living room that has double duty as an office or a space to work. Add some table and a desk or a painting board if you draw paintings. You can even build a bedroom near the open kitchen. It is also suitable for houses with less space and multifunction. Compact and flexible furniture that have multi-uses is the key point in tiny homes. Use bold and stubborn colors In the 2019 trending guide for decorating the home interior, bold colors are exploded more than past. Try deep red and orange, bold yellow, pink or dark blue as a base color or an accent. Pair these specific colors with calm and neutral tints like white and gray. By bringing stubborn colors into the room, you create a balance in the space. Richer colors in your home make your muted décor and furnishing pop. Make a warm space 2019 is about putting warmth to the modern rooms. Use textured walls, patterned tile with terracotta colors. It injects more character in every part of the home. Tonal red in furniture provides the warmth that makes an inviting home. Use natural woods Decorating with wood is a big trending guide in 2019. Apply wooden floors, coffee table and timber ceilings in rooms. This style brings warmth and rustic, organic space. The best area of the house which is appropriate to use wood is the kitchen. The wooden style looks like Scandinavian design with light woods for cabinet and straight lines. Choose furniture in the curved shape Soft angles in sofas, tables, and loveseats are the 2019 ‘s furniture trend. This curved shape beside bold colors like hot pink and sapphire blue make space near to nature. Mind 2019 ‘s color Earthy colors are the 2019 trending color for design. Mostly hot beige, terracotta, burnt orange and shades of green considered as earthy tints. These colors can be found in wood and plants or plant inspired fabrics. Try a more natural and holistic life with natural colors in the interior home design. Some natural colors are used to heal the relationships: golden seeds, sea creatures, and some hues are for relaxing your mind like pink and silver. Choose geometric pattern Although this pattern is not a new trend, with bigger patterns it causes the colors to seem bolder. The bold statement is another effect of the geometric pattern. It’s better to apply this style on the bathroom wall. Consider wall hangings Wall hangings have a greater role in 2019 trending design. Framed pictures and lights make your design near the 1970s, but you can bring it to the 21 century. Combine it with geometric color blocks or rugs and get an artistic space. Paint walls in dark hue If you like black and feel good with dark colors, paint walls of some parts of the home with this dark one. Whether this color is in your bedroom or bathroom, pay attention to the natural lightening of the room. Ample light prevents the room from looking too dark. Black and dark colors on interior home design contrast the white walls. Black alongside natural colors, add a feeling of drama and delicacy. Imagine hanging light and dinner table with your lovely family. Have stony tables A key view in 2019 is coffee and side tables with stones like marble on top. Marble is not a cheap material, but with its white color, your home seems luxurious. You can choose an affordable material to get the trend. Add bar cart Bar cart still is a trending multi-use furniture and décor. If you have a short space the bar cart can be served for many purposes, bathroom storage, a coffee station or baby station or a helpful companion to serve the aperitifs. Colored metals The trend of looking luxurious in 2019 is shown in colored metals like gold, copper, gold, and brass in furniture or pieces. It’s a style taken from Art Deco as one of the most charming ages in design history. For the greater look in the interior home make two or three metals. Rose gold was the most decor used in 2018 and its alternative is copper in 2019. Copper has natural red and orange color and this color is the fresh air in the new year. 2019 is a year we say goodbye to steel and nickel, and alternate brass accents as trending design metal. Mix old and new fashion Mixing old and new pieces in the home is not an old trend in 2019. If you have old furniture and new ones, mix them up and modernize retro furniture to get 2019 interior home design. Colored cushions with marble tables and metals are good choices. Choose the best fabrics New sustainable alternative fabrics are on top in the list of 2019’s trend. These fabrics are suitable for the planet resources and environment. Keep your eye on organic materials and fibers like coffee ground, cotton, hemp, stinging nettle, lotus and banana ones. Choose velvet furnishing In 2019 the velvet is not seen as an old fashion, it’s still a luxurious fabric. Velvet is a material that gains all of the attention. Apply velvet decor on sofas and cushions. It’s soft and nice with a shiny look. Decorate with floral patterns This style of decorating is a design trend in 2019 as already. It’s a timeless pattern in designing the interior home. Having different contrasting colors is the benefit of floral patterns. Apply black and white design Keep the timeless black and white design in your trending guide list in 2019. Furnishings with these colors brings a feeling of balance and bolds the pieces with contrasting colors. Consider wallpapers In 2018 wallpapers are used in most of the houses and in this year, 2019, the same style is going on. All the wallpapers are in print and its colors make attractive space. The natural style with lines and bold colors in wallpapers provide the 2019 trending design. We have come to the end of the trending guides of interior design style in 2019. They are just a list of tips for the overall appearance for your home. The interior home design in this new year is a mixture of old and new styles. Natural, bold colors, best fabric, and original materials are the main changes in 2019 list about home interior design. Try every tip you like, have the best-updated decoration style and let us be informed about something we have not mentioned here.

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