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Summer health

How to avoid summer misfortune

• Set the 20 mints rule:

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Water is a key to quench your thirst. Do not drink very cold water in summer it can constrict your blood vessels in the skin. Dehydrate yourself after 20-25mints with filtered and clean water which can help in metabolize food and flush out toxin.

Increase the intake of Coconut water, lemonade and prune juice in summer. It can help in the control frequency of urination, digestion problems, lower the blood pressure level and cholesterol level. It is enriched with multivitamins and dietary fiber which can also help in reducing appetite.

• Floss daily to maintain hygiene :

Take care of oral hygiene in summer which will help you from gums diseases bacterial infections (by removing food particles) and make your smile more beautiful. Decrease the risk of smelly breath and Respiratory Problems.

• Gardening in summer:

Gardening in summer makes you relax, stressfree and breathe easier in Nature. It also improves your concentration in work, improves the room temperature and humidity. You can eat your own fresh green vegetables. Gardening is a great exercise to physical health as well as your mental health and you can feel energetic and fresh in summer.

• Get outside the exercise:

Exercise in summer and walk in greenery make you healthy and fresh. Fresh air supply more oxygen to keep you functioning properly. Exercise in fresh air protects from the risk of many health problems.

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• Sleep well get protected your eyes

Summer Long days are great to make your sleep routine. Take care of your eye in Dry eye because summer has dry and hot wind it can cause eye irritation and rashes. In summer use sunglasses from radioactive ways. Sleep enough in summer that makes you healthier, active and improves your attentiveness in work.

• Make yourself unappealing

In summer make yourself unattractive from soup and fragrance in Summer these things make attract the mosquitoes and biting bug to you and use natural repellent. Cut your tall grass in gardening. Dispose of standing all the water near the house. Wear light color cloths in summer.

• Healthy Diet in summer

Avoid heavy, fatty, Fried meals, spicy salty Foods and Eat light, green, nutritious food Avoid Heaty vegetables like spinach, Ripe mangoes, reddish and hot pepper.

1. Add watermelons in your diet

Watermelon is a summer fruit which is especially come for summer. Watermelon contains 91% water (which can fulfill your water requirement in the body), antioxidant properties, and rich in Lycopene which is a powerful antioxidant prevent of different type of cancers.

2. Corn

Corn contains natural antioxidant properties, high fiber, high protein, high energy, and glutenfree properties. It prevents from diverticular disease, Constipation and good for heart health helpful in weight management.

3. Melon

Melon is a gift of summer. It is rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C, B6, D, K potassium, Copper, and natural antioxidant properties as well as low in calories, sodium, saturated fat cholesterol.

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4. Cucumber

Cucumber contains antioxidant properties, a high amount of water, fiber, and low amount of calories, fat, sodium. Fresh Cucumber add must in your diet. You can add easily to your diet.

5. Add berries in your diet

Add red berry blueberry and strawberries in your diet every because it has antioxidant properties and many other health benefits which can help you to prevent tissue damage and many other health issues.

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