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A Deadly Wandering is the novel chosen in this essay to describe how this book uses shaped by period to influence all the people and events around it. You will be able to see how texting and driving on your telephone affects the lives of drivers and pedestrians on the road. Drivers these days think they are not able to be a statistic and end up in these types of situations. Matt Richtel uses Reggie Shaw in this non-fiction book to show what had happened to a Utah college student that took the lives of two rocket scientists. Richtel wants you to ask yourself after reading this book; Is reading that one message, or being on your phone while driving worth costing another human being their life? The advancement in technology has made drivers more accustom to looking away from the roadways in which it shows humans brains are unable to handle multitasking.

Reggie is a nineteen year old boy that is a boy of faith, heavily involved with his church. On September 12 at six fifteen am working at a company in the next community over he stops for gas. A truck driver John Kaiserman in his truck is following Reggie and sees him driving recklessly drifting in the lane. Jim Furfaro, the driver and his colleague, Keith O’Dell, they are both fifty year old men. Reggie swerves into the lane yet again this time clipping the Saturn of the two men, who hit Kaiserman’s truck. They instantly die on the scene, Reggie was found to be texting and driving by the police that arrived on the scene. Reggie’s attention was flawed because of his telephone. “You hear the ping of an incoming text or call, you respond; the ping happens you respond. And each time you respond, you get a hit of dopamine that when it’s not firing, they feel dull, dead”,” he says. And that means they need a move on the next thing, quickly, rather than staying with something. “They have no threshold for attentional capacity.” The author here is using scientific studies to show you that Reggie looked and was on his telephone because it was an addiction.

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The book is written during a time period where telephones were in everyone’s pockets at this point and texting was more difficult back then than it is in today’s day and age. A 2007 study by Nationwide finds that 73 percent of drivers talk on the phone. Richtel wants you to comprehend the danger and severity of using your telephone and operating a vehicle. He believes that this is a risky and also an unintelligent act to do for anyone of any age, because of the facts in studies conducted and explained in this booking showing humans are unable to maintain a conversation or even texting while driving. Linton has a study he prepared for court in the novel. “64 percent of adults in a major survey said they had sent a text while driving event though 89 percent believe it is wrong. Richtel pours out his feelings of this topic, which is the main reason that he wrote this book. The author writes this book to try to save lives. He uses this to help people understand that not only can you be in Reggie’s position, in jail and with the constant reminder you did this avoidable act, unfortunately you can be under the circumstances of the scientists whose lives were lost.

A Deadly Wandering is a criticism to the people who still do text or talk on the phone and drive knowing the extent of what can happen. It is a reflection of the two men, both in their 50s, with family and kids to take care of still, These kids are growing up without their father, their kids will not have their grandfather, so they live every day with the heartache and loss. But, this is also a reflection on Reggie’s side of the story showing how one mistake can seriously ruin the rest of your life. Matt Richtel makes his views and points about this issue very clear cut in this. He says; “For all the gifts if computer technology, if its power goes underappreciated, it can hijack the brain.” This speaks levels to the gravity of his opinion, he wants you to know that looking at the phone is practically mind control. You aren’t able to focus on any other task when you it happens.

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In conclusion, Matt Richtel tells a phenomenal story about the dangers of texting and driving. This book should speak levels to everyone because it is an epidemic that we are dealing with in these last two decades. The advancement in technology is the clear fuel to this ongoing fire, making it easier than ever to get distracted and take your eyes off of the road. Everyone has to be accountable for themselves but also for the people that we chose to let drive us because life is a valuable thing no one should take for granted. Again, leaving you with another question; With knowing everything that you know now, is this going to make you stop? If this doesn’t make you stop, then what will?

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