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Super woman stomach kick-punch

I call it a kick-punch because it was a hard punch that felt like a kick. I was standing there bending down as if I was not feeling any pain. My heart my skipping as fast as a full pace sprinting cheetah. I was shaking like my whole body was covered with ice – the punch was too hard to a girl’s punch.

I was surrounded by flies due to my school pants being full of poo and pee. All of my food moved from my stomach and went straight in line to my oesophagus. My intestines felt tangle and I was swimming in so much unhandled pain. Pain travelled from my stomach to my whole body. My legs were numb and cold due to the pee and poo. My hips felt as if they were squashed into a small ball. That punch felt like she has been doing boxing for the past few years “,actually since she was born, it felt as if my life was about to get to the end of it, I felt paralyzed too-how bad is that?

I could smell blood, I thought I started my periods due to the super woman punch, I was wrong, it was coming out of my noise like a full, and fast running river. I could only hear a zing sound for the couple of minutes I stood there, my ears were so blocked. I wished I could take something that could make the stomach pain I had numb because the pain could not be killed.

My skin was boiling. I could feel her nickels printed and swollen on my skin. My stomach was growling like nobody’s business, like there roaring lions inside. Embarrassment was eating me alive. I could not even escape the situation because I could not run due to my pants being too baggy because they were full of those two natural disasters incidents which happened.

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My fingers started to shaking, they were swollen looking like the sausages I saw a granny selling by the road, they were swollen because I gave her a punch in the head earlier( I do not even know what I was thinking because the skull is one of the hardest parts of your body so I was obviously going to hurt myself but I still chose to punch there ). My eye sight was not even working properly, I could not see things from a distance, it was even dusty too.

My stomach was having a cramp, it was very There were stars running around my head even though I was not punched in the head. Every second felt like an hour because I wanted those people to move so I could walk home “free”. I was destroyed that day. I felt as if I finally found my type who put me in my place. Humiliation that I brought into myself and I was only left with regrets of why I started the whole thing.

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