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Imagine living a life where you are told what to wear, what to eat, what to think, and how to act. Now being in the 21st century, I know I can’t imagine that kind of life style. How we live our life is much different now from what it used to be in the 1900’s. Men and women are looked at equally. “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, is a short story describing a woman who suffers from insanity and how she struggles to express her own thoughts and feelings. The author uses her own experience to criticize male authority of women during the nineteenth century. Although the story was written a while back, “The Yellow Wallpaper” still brings a clear message how powerless women were during that time. The narrator is obviously in an unhappy marriage. John is described very kindhearted, but he is extremely superior to his unhealthy wife. Such a husband who won’t let his wife write obviously has some control issues that are not clearly stated in the book. I felt as if the narrator was often trying to convince herself that John was a great husband when he actually wasn’t. During that time, it was considered improper for a woman to express her feelings like anger or dislike and the narrator blamed it on her mental condition rather than saying that she was actually tired of her husband’s way of treating her illness. She felt secluded, impractical and imprisoned. Yet, she still had to follow and accept that kind of social rule. Women were expected to be good in doing the house chores and taking care of the children. The yellow wallpaper in the room in my opinion showed symbolically that the narrator was being oppressed. The narrator hated the wallpaper because she saw herself as a prisoner of her own husband. Spending so much time in the room, she was able to study the wallpaper in detail and found that the wallpaper somewhat represents her. Sadly she was stuck in a world of nothing but expectations from everyone. She felt as if there was no way out until she found what kept her rational. Without the wallpaper she would not have gained her individuality or her confidence. She was lucky enough to come to her senses that she deserved better. She also realized that she was a person just like everyone else. Just because she was a woman didn’t mean and never have to mean that she had to act or be treated a certain way.

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