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The 5 most influential women you never heard of

Just like men, women gave a huge amount of contribution to every field of life throughout the history. Science, medicine, heroism, exploration, journalism, you name it, they’ve been there done that. But, not all of them have the credit they actually deserve. Therefore, we’ve decided to give them a shout out and make sure their names and contribution are not forgotten. These are the 5 most influential women you never heard of.

Hedy Lamarr – Wireless Technology

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Source: wikimedia commons

Even though she was mostly known as an actress and one of the world’s most beautiful woman at the time, Hedy Lamarr was much more then just a pretty woman on the big screen. In her biography, you can find that besides acting (at which she was really successful during the MGM golden era), she also left an important mark in the field of technology.

During the WWII, her partner at the time designed a system that was meant to prevent breaking the coded messages the allies were exchanging. Even though they patented their frequency-hopping spread-spectrum system (a “Secret Communications System” that constantly changes frequencies to prevent the messages being caught up by the enemies), the Navy didn’t find their patent useful in war.

How little did they know that this system would be used for today’s modern phones and wireless technology and that if they thought more outside the box, the war could have ended sooner…

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As for Hedy, she always lived her life with a motto “How can we improve this” and not many people know that she was constantly trying to make the world a better place and not just look pretty in front of the cameras.

Lee Miller – World War II Photographer

Source: David_E_Scherman- wikimedia commons

The famous cover model of the even more famous magazine “The Vogue”, Lee Miller, was also great behind the camera, as she was in front of it. In fact, she was an excellent photojournalist during the Second World War.

Her focus was the war and the women in it. She took brilliant shots of the working women and the resistance, and even women in concentration camps once the allied forces discovered them and freed the people in them.

Unfortunately, all those brutal scenes and suffering faces took their toll and after the War, Lee suffered from PTSD and hid all her photos. It was only thanks to her son who discovered her photos (1977) after she died that she got the earned praise for her great contribution during these troublesome times.

Martha Gellhorn – One of the First Female War Correspondents

Source: Wikimedia commons

The first time her name was heard was when she was briefly married to Ernest Hemingway during the 1940’s. However, what actually made her famous was her outstanding journalistic work during the WWII.

Before her, this was considered to be strictly a Man’s job but with her great coverage of war situations in Asia and Europe, she proved the world that women are as equally good war correspondents as men.

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She delivered some amazing articles, novels, news, and photos, and in her honor, there’s a Martha Gellhorn award for outstanding contribution to journalism and bringing the real story out in the open.

Beulah Henry – Inventor

Source: Wikimedia commons

Everyone knows about Thomas Edison and all of his humanity-helping inventions. But, if the inventions were as popular in the 20th century as they were in Thomas’ time, then Beula Henry would be neck to neck with him as far as popularity goes.

Lady Edison, as she was known at the time, devoted her entire life to inventions. Just like the Big Man himself, she didn’t possess the exact skills to physically create her projects, but her schemes and designs were used for many inventions during her era. She has nearly 50 patents on her name and more than 100 inventions!

From her long list of inventions, some of the most famous ones include vacuum ice cream freezers, hair curlers, and can openers. As for he contribution to everyday gadgets that are used even today, she hugely improved sewing machines and typewriters. And those are just the tip of the ice berg!

Milunka Savic – WWI Heroine

Source: Wikimedia commons

Even though she had grown into a beautiful young woman, Milunka Savic never had the whole get married and have kids plan on her mind as it was a custom in that era (beginning of the 1900’s). In 1912, when the Balkan Wars started, Milunka joined the Royal army dressed as a man and under a man name “Milun”. It took everybody to realize that she is a woman a whole year, after she was wounded in the battle.

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Milunka was also a soldier in the following WWI, only this time as a well skilled woman bomber/assault soldier! Also, this time, she was a part of the King Alexander’s elite “Knes Mihailo” unit.

She survived the WWI with several battle scars but also with most prestigious army medals a soldier can get – Karadjordje’s star with crossed swords and Milos Obilic medal. And, she is so far the only woman in the world that received the French War Cross with a golden palm medal for her heroics on the battlefields! Talking about a Joan of Arc of the WWI!

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