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The book thief

Liesel and Max have many similarities that have helped them develop an intimate kinship but words are what uttermost strengthened their bond. Liesel’s friendship with Max is represented in The Word Shaker, a book that is written by Max. It is an in story-story. Their friendship serves to make Liesel a validated person. Although Hans plants the seed of the love for words in Liesel, Max is the one who nurtures this love by providing her with a story with challenging words that help her think about the world surrounding her. He writes, “They became good friends, and when the man was sick, the word shaker allowed a single teardrop to fall on his face. The tear was made of friendship- a single word- which dried and became a seed. She planted the seed amongst the other trees… The tree grew until it was the tallest tree in the forest. ”(Zusak 446) In reality, words helped to fill a gap between their indifference. Here a symbol is used. The word shaker is Liesel, the seed is Max and the water is the words. This symbol is very effective as it adds greater meaning to ordinary objects that sway the reader to think and compensate the emotions of the characters as they try to decode this puzzle. When Max is ill, Liesel reads to him in hopes of the words nourishing him and curing his illness: “the words alone could nourish him” (328). Which in turn strengthened their friendship. They are able to overcome societies ongoing opinions about their friendship by using these words as a common ground. Liesel was still in a German society that was unaccepting and was ruled by a master of manipulation with words, and Max still had feared for his life as he had to hide away his sorrows in the basement of the Hubermanns; however, these words are able to make their friendship so strong that you would not believe that these two characters were forbidden to see each other. In their own lives, this friendship overpowered all lies, prejudice and hatred that had spoken over them. The strength of their bond is evident when he says, “The Fuhrer’s axe could not take a single bite out of the trunk…Days passed. Weeks took over. A hundred and ninety-six soldiers could not make any impact on the word shaker’s tree.” The word Shakers tree is a symbol for Max and Liesel’s friendship. No matter how many people that were disapproving of their friendship it would never be able to be demolished. This is all built from words.

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