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The change of his life: a hero’s journey

Brian had lots of hopes, but he didn’t fulfill them as he wanted to. It was his second year of Bremin High School and wasn’t very successful, he wanted to change, he wanted to be like everyone else, smart, intelligent, high marks. Then one day he got a letter sent home, saying the school needs to have an interview with his parents, he was thinking to himself that he should hide it from his parents so he doesn’t get himself into trouble, so he burnt it. The next day he went to school, he repeatedly thinks about the letter, what about if his parents found out. It’s the first period and his phone rings in class, the teacher Mr. John asks “whose phone is it” Brian panics and says “it’s mine sir”. The bell rings and he sees his parents car in the school parking lot, he wonders why are his parents here. He approaches the office and his parents come out, he asks his parents “why are you here what’s wrong?” his parents tell him “it’s about your phone ringing in class” he says “did you get it back?” his parents say “yes, we did but you can’t have it for one week and if you do something else you can’t have it for another two weeks” he says “OK”. It’s time to go to class, Brian gets there as soon as the bell goes, the teacher hasn’t even arrived yet, he stands beside the door and looks behind him and the teacher is approaching the classroom, he moves away from the door and lets the teacher in, the teacher asks him “how come you are the first here?” he says “I don’t want to get into trouble, parents just had an interview with the deputy principal and took my phone” the teacher says” that explains it, does that mean you’re going to change your behaviour?” Brian says “maybe, I’ll try my best”. Mr. John opens the door and walks in, Brian follows him inside, he sits down on a chair and everybody one by one enters the classroom, for a second Brian thought he was the only student in the class, a girl enters the room named Natalie, Brian had a crush on her since primary school when they first met, but he has been shy to ask her out. After forty-five minutes the class ends and they all go home. The next day he wakes up, gets dressed and goes to school. He arrives at school and the bell rings to go to roll call, he arrives to roll call, sits down and Natalie approaches him, she says “hi, I just want to tell you that my dad has been missing for two days and there is no sign of him, I’m just letting everyone know” Brian says “Oh, that sad to hear, if I see or find him I will let you know as soon as possible” Natalie says “yes please”. As soon as they finish talking an announcement is made saying “if anybody who wants to go on the adventure for Natalie’s dad come to the office immediately. The bell rings and Brian goes to the office immediately, Brian goes to the office and no students are no students in the office, the deputy principal calls him over, tells him what’s going to happen and to sign a paper, he signs it and the deputy principal tells him “go home now and get ready, we are leaving tomorrow. Brian goes home and gets ready. It’s the next day, Brian gets dressed, and goes to school, he arrives and he goes to the office, and the deputy principal tells him “you’re the only one that has applied to go on an adventure to look for Natalie’s dad” Brian says “um, I don’t know anymore” he stops for a minute and he starts mumbling”. The deputy principal tells him to go to the principal and he will explain everything to you in depth and provide you with supplies. Brian goes to the principal and he explains everything to him in depth and provides him with gumboots, headtorch, skeletool and food, Brian changes his mind and tells him “ok, I’ll go now. Brian goes back to the deputy principal and they both go on the bus, after three hours they arrive, they get out of the bus and it’s so dark and foggy. They walk into the woods and a branch falls on the floor which frightens them a bit, they keep walking and they hear running in the distance, they stop for a second and look at each other and they both say “did you hear that?” Brian says “hello, who’s there?”, they keep walking and the deputy principal bumps into someone, Brian gets his torch out and shines it in front of him, he sees someone wearing a mask and glasses, the guy runs away into the darkness and they can’t see him anymore, the guy comes from behind and pushes them both on the floor. Brian asks the deputy principal “sir, are you alright?” the deputy principal says “yes, I am, call me Matthew”. They both get up and turn on their torches, they continue walking and Matthew trips, falls down and hangs onto the top of the cliff, he says “ Help!”, Brian says “hang on!”, Brian grabs Matthews hand and struggles to pull him up. Brian gets him up and they see a torchlight in the distance, they run to it and see Natalie’s dad, he gets scared and Matthew tells him “it’s alright, we’re here to help. Natalie’s dad gets up and Brian asks him “what’s your name?” Natalie’s dad says “my name is Ethan”. They all get up and run back to the bus and get in, after three hours they arrive back at school and Natalie runs to the bus and asks Brian “did you find my dad?”, Brian says of course we did!”, Natalie hugs and kisses him and Brian says “I could get used to that” Natalie says thank you very much you’re the best”. Brian thinks if he should tell Natalie that he loves her, he calls her and he says “I’ve always wanted to tell you this, I love you” Natalie says “I love you too”. After that day everything has changed for Brian.

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