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The fire within

For nearly centuries, people have been mysteriously found in their homes burned to nothing but ash, no one knows how this strange occurrence is happening.

SHC is when the body unexpectedly ignites in flames without a potential ignition source around the body

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Many scientist have constructed many theories about what causes spontaneous human combustion and how its so rare

Scientist construct many investigations on how this strange paranormal phenomenon keeps happening to people who only drink highly flammable alcohol and tend to smoke

II. Wick Theory

i. Scientific research concluded that our bodies act like a candle, the fat in our bodies, which is like the wax of the candle. Then you’ve got the wick, which is our clothing. ( Good Mythical Morning 3)

ii. These settle researches showed many human bodies all burned to ash except parts like the lower legs and head, parts of the body where there’s not as much fat content, or in this case, not enough wax to keep the wick lit.

iii. Many researchers did experiments with the wick theory using different experiments using human subjects, one in which used heat combustion on humans tissues that suggested that the human body can sustain low heat and consume a large amount of mass.

III. Alcohol consumption theory

i. People who consume highly flammable alcohol are at a higher risk at combustion because the alcohol travels to a place in the body and causes ketosis. ( Good Mythical

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Morning 3)

ii. Due to drinking alcohol and set on a low carbohydrate diet, it can lead to the production of volatile acetone, which is breathed out.

iii. Consuming too much alcohol can cause the body to go through a stage called ketosis and lead to volatile acetone.

IV. Static Electricity Theory

i. Electricity builds up in the body to a place where there could possibly be a potential spark or flame, ignition of the body.

ii. This phenomenon requires a seperation of a positive and negative charge which can set off a spark or flame within the body causing it to combust.

iii. Positive and negative neutrons have an equal charge on one another but once they’re separated they then could cause a flame within the body.

V. Conclusion

i. The wick theory explain how our bodies act as if they are candles. The more fat content you have the longer the “wick” stays ablaze. Scientist did different experiments to test out this theory and found out that the human body can sustain low heat and hold a large amount of mass

ii. One of the most popular theories linked to Spontaneous human combustion would be the Alcohol consumption theory which thoroughly explains how people who drink flammable alcohol are more at risk of combusting.

iii. The last theory, static electricity theory, explains how positive and negative charges build up within the body and once they are seperated that can cause a spark deep down inside the body.

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