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The garden i choose

“Book a bouquet now”,” it read. With prominent luminous green blinding me that instant. Deep into my thoughts I stumble. Thoughts of a place – where liberty is like the air I breathe: abundant. Where I resurrect myself, free myself from society’s pessimistic depths. Some place worth dreaming of, where I submerge myself into an imagination that consumes me, until I am unable to identify myself. This is a place where I will out dance reality, where I will discover the hidden treasure of life – somewhere, where life is not measured by your material worth, but rather by the richness you bring to nature. I just want to find myself at a place where I become one with the nature and beauty of life.

My imagination overpowers my harsh reality as I envision a greater tomorrow, an exceptional one. With many laid to rest by this marks my journey of self-discovery. A place where I smell the aroma of freshly cut grass: propagating itself in air, accompanied by the smell of slice baby sunflowers and softening scent of a gentle breeze intertwined with a variety of aromas; diminishing the repetitive odour of a choking gas commanding my sacred place. A place where the taste of borehole dances on my tongue with a tint of mud leaving an after taste that gives me a sense of the earth’s depths; unlike the chlorine poisoned water being dished out by thoughtless unappreciative people who forcibly provide a basic need to all.

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Where the atmosphere creates its own harmony with the constructive sounds of all earth’s creatures and all that builds up such a complex infinitely joyous melody: consisting of all the self-affirming cries and the sound of a choir being projected by all the soaring creatures; as they fend off the destructive noise posed by the bubonic racket of engineered human ways. A place where I hold on to the earth’s decimated left-overs to bring back what it has brought upon its people. Where I feel the naturally indescribable landforms of our majestic world, where I feel my earth touch and warm my heart with an unapologetic gentle pure touch, cleaning me of all the darkness that touches me every day. Where it brings a change of softening by the way of the earth’s gentle ways; and not the hardening of all the manufactured objects being presented by the hardened nature-blind humans enjoying the comfort of a world they destroying.

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With a sunrise in the distance I want to take the time to appreciation to pump life into myself; instead of dying at every dawn. Vision a future at greater heights and not static due to self-doubt I possess given to be by limited minds. I want my garden to stretch as far as my footsteps: countless. Just covered by a canopy of breath-taking green. A canopy of trees presenting life with them for life is limitless; just like how we should live our lives every day: limitless. Which is this is my garden for the life it presents every sunrise.

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