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The great gatsby argument essay

Gatsby is relevant as it with no shame shows the dark side of the American Dream. Basically telling the reader that everything is what it may appear to be.

The book talks about themes that never get old, like themes of wealth, social class, love, envy, and identity. Gatsby is a person who changed his life so dramatically that it seemed unbelievable. The reader can relate to him, because we all do or at least want to put on a different “face” depending on who we are with, and what situation requires us to. Some people really wish to “disappear and start over”, so the Gatsby’s character may appear to as relatable and attractive. Teenagers may relate to it because it talks about love and acquisition of wealth. SInce money and love is the major themes which teenagers can relate to. The author’s writing style in the book is lyrical. It uses hightence language to achieve emotional intensity. And emotions are a big driver and in some cases a problem for teenagers.

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Socio economic class is one of the biggest and most important themes in the novel. The major characters come from three distinct class backgrounds, which creates a big contrast where everyone can relate to characters. Throughout the novel, there is a constant theme present – social class. Author makes a connection to the theme of social class, by setting the most important locations in the novel in completely different areas with dramatic differences. For example, The Valley of Ashes which could only be described as a “desolate area of land”, and a “solemn dumping ground”, where the really poor people live. The Valley of Ashes is located close to the West Egg being the place where the higher classes are in saturation. The place where Gatsby lives. West Egg is the place where the money were constantly floating around, this idea is shown through character of the Gatsby, who was possibly selling illegal alcohol which is the why he was able to make big money so quickly.

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Love, Desire, and Relationships, are extremely important themes in the novel, since almost all of the characters are driven by love, desire, or both. As an example, Nick describes Gatsby’s behavior after he confesses his desire to marry Daisy. The theory is that Gatsby’s obsession with this plan does not only come just out of his love for current Daisy, but rather his nostalgic memories of her and his younger self. Younger him may have imagined a version of love that transcends money, but it wasn’t the case. At the end of the day, Gatsby recognizes the impossibility of a marriage insulated from the reality. This idea of a “perfect but inaccessible past” is a major theme throughout the novel, which may be relatable as well as teaching.

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