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The lies we create to feel a sense of belonging

Belonging can come at too great a cost. Evan depicts a sense of belongingness in most of her stories but some more than others. Characters have let their lies and actions cloud their judgment. That’s what happened in two of the short stories “Snake” and “Someone Ought to Tell Her There’s Nowhere to Go” in the book Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self by Evan.This two different characters have lied to the people they love and care for to get what they want. The question is, is wanting to fit in and being liked worth deceiving people close to you. At what cost are you willing to betray the trust someone has given you.

In the short story “Snakes” Evans illustrates Tara as a manipulative and deceiving girl who is trying to fit in by telling lies that has become her reality. She has perfected a story that’s based off of a lie to make people feel sympathy and on her side since they don’t know the full story “I was famous for using myself as the basis for a sample torts question in study group” (2010). No one in their right mind would voluntarily share what they’ve been through a million times for a study group unless they were seeking and longing for something. Especially with her background, that’s filled with neglect from parents and disapproval from her grandmother. She even got a fiance out of this lie “I wonder which part of the story had drawn him to me” (2010). The problem with this is that no matter which side he liked, both sides are a lie. He has fallen for her for the lies she has told everyone even us the readers and it was as if we were there with her when she was telling what had happened during that summer. Either way, after the fall she knew that no one would like her if they new what she had done but for her to feel like she mattered and belonged somewhere she has to build her life based on a lie.

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Similarly in the short story “Someone Ought to Tell Her There’s Nowhere to Go” Evans portrays George as innocent but also manipulative and deceiving ex marine who is trying to fit in. He tries really hard to be part of Lanaes’ life but since he knows that nothing is going to happen between the two of them he tries another tactic. Since he was lonely and nowhere to go, with nothing to do, he volunteers to watch Esther “ But it wasn’t like that was the reason he liked watching her”(2010). He knows that watching Esther and being a pretend dad has given him purpose, and made him feel important witch he has never felt before after coming back. His make believe lies with Esther has made him start deceiving everyone, from strangers to his own mother. He didn’t realize he has messed up until it was to late “ “I am happy to have my daddy”…for the first time, he realized how badly he’d fucked up”(2010). He didn’t think through how bad the lies he has built up to feel like he meant something to someone could cost him the person he was trying to get close to. Every lie is bound to come to light and our action to belong to someone or something can cause us to lose that special thing.

On both of the short stories, Evan shows how people can be desperate enough to deceive and lie to people to be part of something but end up it costing them. In all Evans’ Stories the characters have lied one way or the other to belong to someone or something but Taras’ and Georges’ lie were to the extent where they have went over their heads. The only difference between the two is that, George didn’t have much to begin with; and it was not definitely the people who left him fault that he has so seek a sense of belongingness from a 12 year old. On the other hand Tara had options to start fresh, even if she didn’t come clean about being pushed she could have just moved on and start fresh but now she wants people’s attention and sympathy to make her feel better about what she did. We might think that belonging to something or someone will complet us but in reality it is the thing that tear us down.

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