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The life of international students in windsor

“You are here, you want a better life, so you can take back to better their life. It is a necessary sacrifice.”

That’s the feeling from Ugo Lord-Michael, an international student from Abuja city in Nigeria and studying of the University of Windsor.

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They face similar problems like homesickness and difficulty studying, as well they struggle with language translation and foreign food, but they said the sacrifices are worth it for a quality Canadian education.

According to the Canadian Bureau for International Education, the international students’ population in Canada reached about 500″,000 at the end of 2017. The figure already exceeds Canada’s 2022 target. International students all come from different cultures, but they all have one thing in common – they are international students living and learning in a foreign country and foreign city.

Living in different country, far away from home, family and friends. The homesickness is the biggest challenge they are facing.

Now in her fourth, Lord-Michael can’t hold back the feeling of missing her family.

“I miss my family a lot. Everybody has a phone, so you can always call, but besides that I don’t have anyone in here. I am kind of alone in the scene of my family”,” Lord-Michael said. “For example, the holidays, like people get to go home and see their family. I don’t do that, I just stay at my room for Christmas and everything.”

Loveneek Gill comes from Punjab City in India, and he has the same feeling as Lord-Michael.

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“I feel very alone because I am missing my family and friends”,” Gill said. “No one with me like my family and friends to help me.”

Alex Wu has been a teacher in the international education office at St. Clair College for 18 years.

“International students are a very important part of college”,” Wu said. He pointed out there are over 4″,000 international students at St. Clair College this year and the rate of international students arrived a third of total number of students.

No matter how many challenges and problems international students face, they find their way to enjoy life in Windsor.

While Lord-Michael still misses her family, she is beginning to find her daily life fulfilling and colourful.

When she finishes her daily classes, she enjoys playing music with friends and joining some parties with people.

“It’s fun to involve those stuff, so you are not bored”,” Lord-Michael said. “I’m a party planner, I enjoy event planning, the parties and the clubs. Meeting and talking with people.”

Just like Lord-Michael mentioned, “With the time, you get easier.”

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