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“Make sure you’re being healthy in mind, being caring, compromising for the ones you love.

If you love someone you’re supposed to be dedicated to them, Right?”

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Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy jailed multiple times for fighting, abuse, armed robbery and possession of an illegal fire arm. What does that make you think of? A horrible person? Criminal? The same responsible for all this also saved thousands of life’s.

January 23rd 1998, Cleopatra Bernard gave birth to a baby boy. Jahseh was born and raised in

Plantation, Florida USA. Since birth Jahseh was a troubled child. His mother was unable to support him so gave Jahseh to people like his Gran-mother or trusted friends, His father was in prison for most of his childhood leaving him with a fatherless child allowing him to disrespectful and disobedient. Jahseh didn’t have many friends in high school, He said in an interview “I was the type of kid who wouldn’t talk, but when I did it was always something crazy.”

Jahseh’s life of crime began young, the area in which he was raised was rough. His first time running into crime was at 6 years old, He stabbed a man for trying to put his hands on his mother. It seemed like crime was all he was going to ever know. His past followed him into his later life, at 19 he was jailed for a domestic assault case to do with ex-girlfriend. He was also jailed on several different felony charges related to witness tampering and witness harassment stemming from his domestic abuse case, although Jahseh’s life of crime was portraying him as a monster to society, inside Jahseh felt empty, alone, angry, depressed and at a time suicidal. However on Jahseh’s last time in prison he met his best friend; Stokeley Clevon Goulbourne who inspired him to choose to clean his life up and start to believe in himself again . A story Jahseh told in an interview about his anger in prison was how he had been given a gay roommate, Jahseh wasn’t homophobic but pre-warned his roommate to keep his distance as the male had been known for his strange behaviour around his previous roommate. One day after the showers the roommate began staring at Jahseh in a inappropriate way as he was changing. Jahseh began hitting his roommate repeatedly almost killing him. This was the kind of life style Jahseh thought he was going to know.

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“Offense or Defence, Passive or violent ill cut my wrists .’ Till my heartbeat is silent with the shell in my hand, I’m equipped with the pump shots in her body until she is a stump”-Skin, XXXTENTACION.

Jahseh became known as XXXTENTACION once he began releasing music. XXXTENTACION meaning unknown temptations, XXXTENTACIONS life was fast, luxurious, eventful and inspiring on the outside. However Jahseh’s past life of crime caught up to him, Mentally. Depression, Anxiety, Loneliness, Numbness all came with his life. Jahseh became known as XXXTENTACION once he began releasing music. X’s music was different. His music was extremely versatile, He was extremely lyrical, His music was ‘Game changing’. X’s Music was of two types, One in which he used distorted basslines to create an effect which blew the speakers giving the listeners an intense sound and with lyrics over the top that where aggressive, lots of shouting and aggressive langue this made this type of x’s music very identifiable just by the sound. The other type of x’s music was very personal and lyrical replacing the aggressiveness and swearing with sad lyrics and soft guitar rhythms. He sings in his more personal stuff about what was going on in his head, his ‘Mind’.

“Tired of feeling strapped in my damn mind, tired of feeling trapped in a damn lie.” These lyrics come for a song, everyone dies in their nightmares For his album ‘17’.

His album ‘17’ personally, was my favourite album. His lyrics in the songs where incredibly intense and emotionally hard hitting, as he discussed his struggles at the time. The album was a reflection of x’s perception of life and his emotions.

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X’s mind was crowed, when x wrote his lyrics for ‘17’ they were short, reparative and extremely raw. He expressed his feelings in his music for others to relate and not feel alone he put his ‘Ghetto’ reputation of his earlier life on the line, to express his damaged mind for others to heal, learn and specifically not feel alone.

That’s why I looked up to him, because he showed me that even though he had an amazing life and possibly everything he wanted he still wasn’t happy. X created a safe place within his music where his fans could escape for there troubles .X genuinely made his fans feel like family, he called his fans ‘his people’, making his fans fee apart of his life and that they genuinely made an impact on him.

X’s music changed my whole perspective on life, he truly made me realise how I wasn’t alone in my thoughts and that someone else knew how I felt.

Sadly, X’s life was cut short on June 18th 2018. X’s life was taken by 4 gunmen outside a motorbike shop in Florida. X’s death sent shock waves around the world, my generation was traumatised. He meant so much to so many people. His music changed people for the better, he was truly an amazing man. X always said that his past would catch up, and when it did he’d be okay. I miss X, He was a legend and will continue to be. X’s mum, Cleopatra is making a conscious effect to continue X’s dream. Since x’s death his mum released 2 albums, ‘Skins’ and ‘Members only vol.4’. X, Jahseh will never be forgotten, he will always be alive through his music and his recently born son Gekyume will grow up without a father much like X did. X’s legacy will continue through his music, son and fans.

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