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The magic wool

The Magic Wool

Seated on the dirty sidewalk were you and your small, grey backpack after a long day at school. Two assignments and a quiz, but you still did not touch a thing. It was November 23rd, and it got colder each and every second. You decided to find something warm to wear. You got up and headed off to the nearest thrift store. An employee welcomed you inside when you reached the shop. You looked at everything and started picking up many sweaters you knew you could not afford. You were about to go to the fitting room but stopped midway when you saw an old, woolly, dusty, grey sweater. You asked the cashier how much it cost and he told you it was for six dollars. You dig in to your pocket but sadly, all you found was three dollars. The kind cashier looked at the poor condition of the item and decided that he would pay for you, so you could have it for free. You happily took the sweater and headed home to your sick mother. When you reached your small home, you saw your mother waiting for you on the ruined couch and you decided to tell her about your new sweater! After a long while, you helped your mother to bed, and then later went to go do your homework, but you were so tired you ended up falling asleep. It was seven when you woke up, you ran to the washroom to brush your teeth and then headed off to the kitchen, hunting for food. You couldn’t find anything, so you decided to leave with an empty stomach. You were about to leave for school until you saw your sweater and grabbed it to wear. At school, your stomach growled, you did not know what to do, so you decided to go get a drink from the water fountain since you had no lunch. When you bent down to get a drink of water, something fell out of your pocket. It was a sandwich! You looked at it with astonishment, not knowing where it came from or how it got there; you decided to keep it for lunch because it was wrapped. Ever since that day, you realized that everything you ever needed would be found in the pocket of your old sweater.

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One day, you wanted to see if you could attain money from your sweater. So, you decided to buy something sweet for yourself and your dear mother, so you went to the heavenly shop called Puff Pastries without any money. You asked for the chocolate fudge cake, you then got your hand, and reached deep into your pocket and…it worked! You were so excited that you ended up telling everybody in the whole world. Greedy villains chased and hunted for you and the old sweater, putting your life in grave danger. You ran and ran and ran until you reached the ocean, you took the sweater off as fast as you could and threw it in the ocean; letting it float far away, hoping it would not end up in the wrong hands.

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***Fifteen years later***

You were now twenty-seven years old and a had two children. You watched your kids come home from school. Your six-year-old daughter Diana, ran up to hug you and started talking about her amazing day at school and your ten-year-old son Marcus, was bringing home an old, dusty, gray sweater in his hands. “Dad, look at this sweater, it’s amazing! I put my hand in this pocket and found a car. One that I have always wanted!”, said your son.

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