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The monument men

Dean had gotten Caroline and Henry to stay with Astrid, Chloe and him. The all were going to wait for a rescue team to come and get them. The some people showed up at the gate and basically asked for supplies, so Dean being smart said no, but Astrid changed his mind just because she wanted to start helping other survivors. Dean tossed a cooler full of some stuff and then they left. Chloe had to be knocked out with sleeping pills because she is type O blood. Soon she woke up and had been really ticked she wasn’t on her way to the airport with the others. Alex is on the bus with the others and Brayden is in bad shape. Niko is the one driving and his mask wasn’t helping to well, and he started to cough and then started to get tired. Meanwhile Josie takes off her mask because she thought she was safe with type B, but quickly found out she is type O, so Niko and Alex pinned her down and tied her up and put her to sleep for now. A rat appears in the store and actually bites Caroline and then Luna the dog gets heroic and kills it. Caroline though is now sick because of it. Dean takes care of Caroline then goes to get Luna because Chloe yelled at her for killing the rat because Chloe liked the rat, but Dean got Luna to go back to normal. Niko was getting very tired and couldn’t keep it up so he decided to let Sahalia drive while he takes a nap. Sahalia though didn’t have her license only being 13, so she ended up crashing into a ditch. No one was hurt though, so they just decided to deal with it tomorrow and sleep. The next day they got the bus out of the ditch surprisingly and then went on the road again. They saw a little girl in the road and they started to approach her, Niko didn’t want to help her, but the others insisted. Then a bunch of bikers showed up and surrounded the bus. They were trapped. These bikers were cadets, and had big guns. They marched up and stole their bus with some of the supplies on it and Brayden was finished off by them. Now they were on foot with about 20 miles to go. Dean had some guys who wanted supplies again. This time they had a hostage, and they wanted more. Dean said no because he didn’t know them or trust them. Then they killed they hostage and left, but they were gonna come back eventually. The day they came back was quick. A tractor plowed into the wall and made a hole. Dean rushed over with the chainsaws he had just got ready took off his mask and then let the O-aggression take over. He took care of them quickly and then saw Jake talking to Astrid and was thirsty for more. But before he could attack he was knocked out cold with a cement brick that Jake hit him with, and he was tied up quickly and had a mask put over him. Meanwhile Niko tells everyone they got 10 miles till they make it to the army camp so they gotta get going. Dean had gotten much closer to Astrid recently, and had dreamed of her that night, but Jake had returned, so he had to deal with him. Jake saw how Astrid and Dean had gotten closer to each other and he does drugs over it, and Dean and Astrid worry that he might get really depressed. Astrid told Dean that they had to not stay close to each other for a bit so Jake can make it through this. Then they heard banging from the hatch at the roof. Jake and Dean rushed over, and the others hid away. They went up and asked who was there and then the cadets had answered saying that they had Brayden. Jake hurried to open the hatch then Peyton showed his face said hi and kicked Jake right in the chest. Then he pushed Dean onto the ground and he landed on his shoulder which popped it out of its socket. The cadets rushed in and took over, there were a total of 5 of them, armed with machine guns and awaiting orders from Peyton. Astrid had gotten her and the kids away and safe so they wouldn’t have to be worried about. Then Niko had stopped everyone one when they were walking, because there was a soldier, with his mask off standing alone. His gun was on the ground and he was breathing heavy. He was type O. Niko didn’t have a gun to defend himself with, but Josie ripped her mask off and then attacked him. She ended up killing him quickly, and then she was embarrassed she had done that and ran away from the group. After that battle between them, Niko said they should move towards the houses, and try to cut though there. They ended up falling in a hole that some kid had made with his dad. Josie came up and attacked the dad, and left the kid but ran away again. The kid ran away crying. Then a old man named Mario Scieto had came up and told them he could save them, and so he did and brought them to his bunker to let them stay for the night. Meanwhile. Peyton wants Dean to be his friend, so he thought to get him on his side he should fix his shoulder, so he popped it back in and Dean passed out. Alex and the others took showers and got clean clothes and all ate and went to bed. They were in good hands, but Alex got curious and opened the wrong door. He found Mrs. Scieto’s body. Then Mario came out and yelled at him for snooping around. Then they had to leave next morning with no ifs ands or buts. The next morning they geared up and then they went out on the road. As they were walking, Sahalia started to sing. Then everyone joined, and they walked the long path singing together. There was plenty of are we there yets, but they finally made it to the airport. There were soldiers telling people how to get moving forward, and there were choppers and jets and planes and all sorts of military equipment. Dean had woken up early and Jak did to. Jake told him that they had to kill these guys, but Dean didn’t want to kill 5 people. Dean told him he would drug him after Astrid gave Dean the hint of the pills. Alex got cleaned up with the others and they went into an airtight room. They found Mrs. Wooly who was their teacher who had left them behind, and they were just happy to see her again. So alex told her about the kids still out there and she went on a mission to get a chopper to the kids at the store fast. Dean put as many sleeping pills as he could in the drinks and then set them out for them to have. The cadets came over and only 3 of them drank some of it. Then Peyton came over and said no because he just wanted water. Then Peyton’s niece came over and had told them about the house in the back that was kept secret. Peyton had gotten really mad, but then three of the cadets dropped asleep. Peyton realized he drugged them and put a gun to Dean’s head. Jake was hit down by the other cadet. Astrid came out and grabbed the niece by her hair with a chainsaw in one hand and told him to get away from Dean. Peyton was heavily distracted by it so Dean went for his gun, then Peyton tried to fight back and then boom. Peyton had just fell to the floor, dead. Niko had the others get extracted to a safe zone because they had to leave. Alex and Niko stayed because they were gonna try to save the others. Then they went to a chopper with Mrs. Wooly’s friend and they took off for Greenway in Monument. Astrid told them they should just try to take the bus because no one is coming to save them they thought. The other bus was able to be started. Alex could see so many familiar places in the air and he thought he would be able to save his brother. BOOM! Norad was being bombed, and it had more bombs coming in to. Dean thought this was it. Then he saw a chopper land on the roof. Alex had saw no one in the store, so he hurried to the chopper with tears in his eyes but knew he had to go. Dean shouted at everyone, “RUN!” Then he took off his mask and started to use his O-aggression to go faster and he did. Alex lifted off the ground and saw something climbing the ladder. It was Dean. He told him to land. Dean had just made it in time. BOOM! One more bomb and they would be gone they had to hurry. Everyone got strapped in and they took off, At high speeds they made it out, and went straight for the safe area in Canada where the others went.

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