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The power of your mind

Hi everyone”,

Today, I want to talk about the power of the mind, but before I do that, wanna start off with a short story. Immediately after youth service, I got my first job. It wasn’t a well paid job, but I just needed to leave the house and keep myself busy while working, I was also searching for a better job with a good pay, of course. Back then, I was all for the pay, and not for the experience I’d gather from from a particular job. I was still very naive & young, and wanted a good pay to meet my materials needs. One day, I got an invite from an oil serving firm for the position of the company’s secretary, went for the interview, and passed with flying colors. We were given appointment letters to resume the following month. So, I resigned from my job without blinking because the pay was way too small compared to the new one. Suddenly, I got another invite from one of the companies that I had applied earlier, but wasn’t really interested in the invite plus the fact that I would have to travel out of my town for the test. My mind was fixed on the oil firm which was actually a big deal. The fact that one works with an oil firm says it all, people will definitely treat you with respect, but something kept pushing me to check out the other company.

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So, I decided to google about the firm and found out, it’s a Pharmaceutical multinational company with the HQ in Lagos, Nigeria. The multinational caught my attention, prompt my desire to attend the interview. After the interview, I was offered the job for a pay slightly lower than the oil serving firm. I was left between the devil and the deep blue sea, I had to consider a lot of things like my friends, and family. Taking up the newer job will require that I start afresh, new town, new life, new friends, no family, and new position. At some point, I decided to go with the oil firm, but my mind wasn’t at rest. I was disturbed within me. Well, I decided to pray, and asked God for direction, and from all inductions, it pointed to the other newer job. It was a hard decision to make but I had peace of mind. So, I went with it & ditched the oil firm. Five months into my new job, the oil firm were yet to resume operations after like a year, I decided to place a call to my friend. She told me, the company never started. Today, marks the eighth year working with the Pharmaceutical company.

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Sometimes, we neglect how strong one’s mind can be & how we can achieve greater things if we listen often to our minds. The world is not viewed with your eyes but your mind or what I could call “Inner Eyes” Everything that has to with you comes from the mind. Ever wondered why they say “Poverty is the thing of the mind?” The feeling of becoming what you want to be, who you want to be, how you want to live all happens inside your mind. You picture your life inside your mind then you dream it into life. What you picture is what you will get. The power to achieve this, it’s all in you. Whenever you shut up your mind, you shut up with desires and achievements. There is nothing we can’t achieve once we have a positive mindset. One practical fact about the mind is that it’s very stubborn and persistent especially when it’s for a good course, but most of the the time, we barely listen. The battle to become successful, achiever takes place in the mind that is where you have to fight the real fight. This is one of the reasons you must believe in yourself, abilities, be open-minded, listen to what your mind is saying, and stay positive. Don’t get it twisted, there are demons inside of us that requires to be dealt with in order to win. These demons are excuses of all kinds, if I heard listened to the other part that was making look as if it will very difficult to start afresh probably I might be nowhere by now.

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Although, we have to be very careful when dealing with the mind because the mind is tricky. Your mind might sometimes play a fast one on you especially when you lack the self-will and power. Sometimes, it looks as if your mind isn’t sure of what it wants, but we must always try to eliminate the dark side and embrace light. You’re what you think you are. They say you can’t serve two masters at once; you can’t be negative and positive at the same time, one will have to dominate the other side. It will be better to allow the positive thoughts to shine through, stay focused to those thoughts, and act upon them. Do you know it is possible to take charge of your thoughts, actions, deeds, reactions, and words because you are in charge of what you think. Try to replace hatred with love, and replace awful killer words with sweet, soft, and kind words. Keep your mind pure because that is the only way your mind can function towards the right direction. Don’t limit yourself, be sure to garnish your thoughts with all the goodies life can offer and watch yourself achieve those things. Speak positivity daily into your life! The truth is that the mind picks whatever that is thrown at it. Garbage in garbage out! What comes from the inside goes through your mind then boom, it comes out. It doesn’t care if it’s real or fake, it simply attracts those imaginations to life.

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