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The problem that befell weku, can take wisdom motivation from a story.

A long time ago. There was a young man rich in wealth, having a high rank and position, he was a son of a king in that country. The young man has a close friend, from childhood they are always together, grow together, even their closeness is almost like a brother. When they grow up, they are often separated by their different conditions and situations. Because his best friend was a simple young man, he was a poor man, did not have a position and rank, lived a life of pain and hardship. From childhood he was orphaned, his parents died in the war. So it is fitting for him to make a living to eat everyday.

One day, a rich young man invite his friend to hunt into the forest, this work was often done by both of them. We understand together that ancient people were almost all good at archery and deer hunting.

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The hunting offer was received by a close friend, after all they had not been traveling to hutam and hunting deer for a long time, whereas from their childhood they often brought uncles to hunt while learning archery.

The next day, after sunrise, the loyal friend was at the royal gate with a packet of food waiting for the prince to come out. After completing the equipment and preparation of the food, they rushed to the forest with confidence and a spirit of friendship.

Both of them hope that the trip will be mengensankan and get the results of their efforts.

Shortly after, after the trip was taken, they arrived at the location, the forest was their target point. They began to see, hear, and review the traces of the existence of the deer, they watched carefully in the bushes, whether the deer left foot marks when walking or not, they had mastered all of them.

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After searching with their full efforts and abilities, it turned out that the poor boy was very observant and clever, his eyes were like the eyes of an eagle, he saw a deer eating small leaves behind the bushes. He blurted out with the prince that he saw a deer in the bush there, the prince understood the notice, he also told the poor youth to spread with jealousy pointing to the hand too, the poor youth spread out, the goal, so that the deer was besieged and had no way to run.



Slowly they stepped little by little so as not to be trampled on dry leaves, even the poor young man did not blink his eyes looking towards the target.

Immediately, the deer stood still looking to the side, as if the deer began to suspect something that made him uncomfortable, with great worry about the deer going to disappear, the poor young man directing the bow and releasing it to the deer body, he was very sure the bow boy was right on target .

But he heard Aaachhk’s voice, quite large and bersingak, so that the deer ran away to disappear.

Evidently! That voice was the sound of the prince screaming. The arrow of the poor young man missed his target, injuring his own friend. The prince’s index finger was broken because of the mistake of a poor young man. The young man regretted, and apologized to the prince, because he accidentally made the prince’s index finger break with his bow.

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The Prince is angry and very upset with his best friend so he doesn’t forgive.

Really bad luck comes unexpectedly



After an unexpected incident, the rich young man broke off his relationship with his beloved friend. he is a prince, a respected person, feeling ashamed of losing a finger, he cannot accept accidents that hurt his limbs


The alternate day changes, the month goes by …

Two years later, Prince planned to go back hunting to the forest. This time several soldiers accompanied him.

Arriving at Watu, the Prince went to the forest with several guards. On the long journey that was taken, they entered a dense forest far from their home country. Unconscious! It turns out they passed the forest border, they entered the terrible dayak area, the forest was known as sacrificial forest, all those who entered the forest will be cut off from the head and made sacrifices by the Dayaks.

That day what the prince planned to fail again, bad luck continued to happen, they were all captured by Dayak residents and in santra. The next morning, at sunrise, all the sandrants were released, they were pushed. Then cut off the heads one by one. They can only watch and watch, waiting for the pesky turn to arrive.

Everything collapsed, now comes the last turn of the person, namely pengeran the rich young man, he was pushed and forced to take a position. In the prince’s eyes only a group of guards, he lost his enthusiasm, haunted by fear, before his eyes he witnessed the sadistic torture.

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A>fter taking a position because of coercion, the sword was ready to be dropped by his crew. But at that moment the will of God said something else. One of the Dayaks saw that the person who wanted to be sacrificed suffered an injury, he did not have one finger. While the conditions for sacrificial presentation they must have perfect limbs.

Finally, the Prince was released, and he returned to his own palace.

While walking home with a weak and impatient body, he cried and pondered, my death was stopped because my hands were injured, they let me go because my fingers were not perfect, then what if my fingers were still perfect like them, really I die today. And my life continues today, words continue to whisper in his mind.

Finally, the Prince understood the will that God gave, all bad luck, accidents, calamities I experienced were a salvation for a greater disaster for me.

After that, the prince regretted that he had broken the friendship with his beloved friend. Since then the prince came to his sabahat and apologized for everything. They returned as brothers as before …


The problem that befell weku with various kinds of attacks, so that making weku unstable is a salvation from a greater disaster in the future

The disaster experienced by Weku was the savior of the disaster that struck Weku in the future.






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