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The quality of life

According to Carl Rogers (1902-1987). Each individual could accomplish their Goals, Wishes, and Desires throughout everyday life. It might seem easy to understand at first but, what does it really mean? One must have a deeper understanding in philosophy in order to understand Carl Rogers’ statement. We all must learn how to live our lives the way we wanted it to be. Because it is one of the ways to achieve our goals. Much the same as in my background. I have encountered a lot of struggles and problems in life but I didn’t give it a chance to impede me carrying on with my life how I would have preferred. It does not matter if it is positive or negative, what matters is that is the choice I am willing to take. And also, to become a fully functioning person we must be willing to accept life experiences that will come even though we like it or not. We must accept the present and live with it without having any regrets in the choices we are going to take. I have had experienced a lot of critical situations in life but I always kept in my mind that, It does not matter if I will not get what I want at the end of the day, but I lived my life with no regrets and chose the choice that I wanted because it is what my gut tells me to do which I always trust.

Rogers suggested that every human being needs to achieve their full potential so they must aim to become a Fully Functioning Person. We should be able to make choices without holding back anything. Because of what Carl Rogers said, I started wanting to live my life as a Fully Functional Person. I know it is a lot of adjustments, but we could carry on with our life minus all potential limitations and learn the real importance or quality of life if we started doing it. I started doing what I want instead of doing what I needed to do. Because doing what I want is more like expressing your own feelings or thoughts emotionally. I think it is okay not to always do what you needed to do all the time if you do not really want to do it. We should figure out how to set aside the things that occurred before, we need to learn that we should always look forward and into the future. We should also take risks in our personal life. By doing this, we will be able to adjust and change ourselves for new experiences and better challenges in life. Rogers believed that how we are interacting with others or behaving in public is how we are expressing our own selves or feelings. We should be expressing ourselves in the public the way we wanted it to do or freely. Because we will not be ourselves if we faked ourselves in the public. We ought not be pondering what the general population would state to us since we as a whole are allowed to convey what needs be to everybody and all over. We as a whole have opportunities.

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