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The success of amazing nurture

Last updated on 30.06.2020

The movie GATTACA

The movie GATTACA has caused a massive controversy in our class, disputing about which side of us is more important, nature or nurture. Nature here means the genetic information we innately carry with; On the contrary, nurture is the effort you did to change yourself. Although many people feel that nature is more decisive, whereas, I insisted on the point nurture is more important since it is the only thing that we could do to bring us to success and it is also the only factor that could help us to overcome the DNA defect after our borning.


Firstly, nurture is the key for one to get success. Thomas Edison, the most famous inventor forever, once reveals his secret of success, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” Edison’s biggest invention is definitely the electric bulb. We could only see what he brings to us, we do not really understand how much effort he paid to make him different from us. It is heard that for this single invention, he and his team used to investigate over 6000 possible materials that could probably fit the filament, to make it chapter and brighter. Edison is absolutely a genius, his IQ is probably a little higher than us, but without such amazing learning and endeavor, how could one randomly know that an electric bulb should look like what it should be and determine which material best fits the bulb. Most of us are not geniuses, but the 99 percent perspiration could make one somehow succeed on something. An endeavor is indispensable.

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Protagonist film

Also, it is possible for one to defeat the DNA defect after it borns. In the movie GATTACA, the main character Vincent is just a good example to illustrate the possibility to overcome the defect we innately carry with. In Vincent’s society, everyone is classified by the genome in your DNA. Unfortunately, Vincent’s gene is really bad, and he has congenital heart disease. His gene is invalid, which is determined by the doctor that he could not live for over 30 years and never has the chance to follow his dream to go to the outer space. But Vincent says no to his destiny. To come to his dream, he cooperates with a genetic elite, Jerome. Vincent studies very hard every day, and he uses Jerome’s urine and blood to make his checking outcome turn to valid. Until the end, no one really found his real identity except his lover, opponent brother, and the checking doctor. However, His brother and doctor do let him follow his dream since both of them are moved and convinced by Vicent’s endeavor. It is possible for one to defeat its genetic defect by amazing nurture.

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