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The time machine

The Time Machine

BAM! BAM! “ Who is it?”, Jack yelled, with his eyes still stuck to his TV. “It’s us”, the three voices replied. “ I’ll let you in, but quit knocking the door so loud, my brother is sleeping” Jack exclaimed, “You knock louder than a lamborghini speeding.” When Kaylen, Articuno, and Bob came in, there was a loud noise which was coming from the basement, so all the 4 friends headed to the basement at full speed to investigate. When they did, they saw a big blast of light which turned out to be a humongous machine with a lot of buttons.

“Yo Kaylen, what eez that”, Articuno, Bob and Jack asked in unison . “It’s probably a time machine” Kaylen replied. If there’s one thing these four friends have in common is their curiosity, so naturally, the boys went inside the machine and explored it. They tried all the buttons and levers except for the one that said “START”. After an hour of exploring, Jack decided to convince his friends to go on a little adventure, and they all agreed to go, so Jack went to the kitchen to get some snacks in case they were lost and Articuno brought his “Just in Case Pocket” which had pencils, pins, small notebooks, and even money. When they were ready, they pressed the button “START” and they went back in the past. After the machine stopped, they found themselves in some type of jungle. “Where are we”, Jack was about to ask, until they heard something that sounded like a dinosaur. After a few seconds, an enormous Tyrannosaurus-Rex was standing face to face with the four boys.

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“ROAR”, the cretaceous dinosaur roared. Before the dinosaur could eat the four boys, they raced into the Time machine and closed the door. Luckily, the Time Machine was T-Rex proof so the man-eating carnivore couldn’t eat the four boys. “ Let’s go home, I had enough of this mess for one day”, Bob yelled, but they couldn’t because the “Return Home” button wasn’t working, so they were stuck in there, unless they could repair the Time Machine, but they also couldn’t come out, or they will be T-Rex food. They all thought and thought while eating the snacks Jack brought from home until they got an idea, but their brains were not functioning at the moment.

Finally, Kaylen found an answer to the problem. He quickly snatched Articunos “ Just in Case Pocket” and took out a dozen wrenches, hammers, nails, screwdrivers and other materials. “ HEY” Articuno yelled, when Kaylen snatched his Just in Case pocket. Kaylen ignored him and kept on working for 2 days straight. The other friends just watched him fix the machine, ate and slept. At last, Kaylen was done. He was proud of himself for being able to fix the machine himself. He was 99.9 % sure the new and improved time machine would take them back home. When they were all ready, Kaylen pressed the button “ Return Home” , but nothing happened. He pressed it again, nothing happened. “Bruh” everyone said sadly. Now they couldn’t go home. They ran out of food and water. Everything was a disaster. Then they found out the T-Rex wasn’t standing there anymore.

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Since the man eating dinosaur wasn’t standing there anymore, all the four friends accelerated out of there to find food and drink clean and nutritious water. They were searching and searching and searching until Jack spotted something shiny. Thinking it was the sun shining glares at the water, he told his friends of his discovery and they all raced to drink some nice and cold water. While they were drinking the water, Bob spotted some berries in a nearby bush. They all rushed to the bush about to munch on some berries, but Articuno said it could be poisonous so they waited until he was finished doing some type of poison test to see if it was poisonous. When Articuno finished and said they were good to eat, all the friends kept on munching on all the berries until there were none left. With their stomachs full of berries and water, they were struggling to walk all the way back to the Time Machine. When they did, they all fell asleep. This happened for another week and a half.

Then, one windy day, that could knock over a house took place. However, this didn’t stop the four boys from finding food. While they were searching for more food, Jack came across something white and shiny. This time, it wasn’t water, it was a diamond. It was 1 feet tall and standing all by itself. “WOW”, the four boys said, admiring the diamond. “ Maybe this can help us go home”, Kaylen said. “I did see a diamond just like this but it was damaged. “Maybe, if we took the old one out and put the new one in, the time machine might work. With excitement, they all ran to the machine and put the new diamond in. Bob pressed the “Return Home button and their was a glimmering light outside. After a few seconds, they were back in Jack’s house. Though they were there for a week, in the present it said they were only away for an hour. After five mins, a car was parked in the driveway, which turned out to be Jack’s dad. “What were you kids doing”, he asked. Even though many unexpected things happened, the four friends all replied saying “nothing”.

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