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The wintery place

Anthony Harper

Functional Writing 399-02

Ms. Harmon-Wells

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23, February 2019

“The Cold Vacation” What is one of the most unpleasing and coldest places to visit one may ask? There are many ways to describe this bone-chilling urbanizations. This wintery urbanization is Detroit, Michigan. Detroit has satisfying, warm summer months and below freezing winter months. This cold immense place is home to many African-American cultures such as food, Motown Music, and black heritage. Although this was my first time visiting, I seem to have not prepared as I assumed.

On a winter day, my dad approached me and said that we were going to visit family for Thanksgiving. Because I had not been before, it sounded like an intriguing idea to tag along. Shortly after I was admonished of the small vacation, I began to pack all types of clothes. As we arrived my eyes seen many brand new things from the car window. I could hear three different ice cream trucks playing its melodys. There were many kids outside playing football and busses diving among every block, which is very different from neighborhoods in Clinton, Mississippi.

Finally, I stepped out of the car to speak to my family. As I unpacked, the wind danced through my hair; however the wind left an unwelcoming chill down my spine. I looked around, while my teeth were cringing and saw medium sized vintage houses. The house looked as if they had came out of an old movie. Each house on the street had a deep basement and clay roof tops. I could not wait to get inside on of the wonderfully preserved houses. When I walked inside the house, the warmth was heart filling. We began to sang songs while standing next to the furnace. After we were full, the adults told the kids they could play outside. I was not thrilled that I had to tend to the children outside. Because of my poor knowledge of northern states the clothes I packed were not suitable for the weather. Although my cousins were happy, I was in true immense weather. The long streets mocked me as I began to freeze to death.

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Nevertheless, the long streets had beautiful houses; I could still not bare the cold. Even though I was dress to deal with normal winters, others were on the sidewalks with summer outfits. I sat on the porch staring a shoes hanging from the powlines and looking at the fire hydrant gushing water in the air. Every family seemed to be outside enjoying each others company. In conclusion, if it had not been for the below freezing temperatures, I would have enjoyed myself.

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