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If dogs can speak…

Unconsciously, I wandered off to a place that I normally wouldn’t go. They said it’s a magical dreamland. Everything shine perfectly underneath the sun rays of the incandescent sun. There were all sorts of people, young, old, tall, short, fat, thin and all sorts of nationalities, cultures.

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They said the noise was brutal, children crying, crowds screaming, music playing. But you can clearly hear every parent telling their child to stay safe. Almost from every corner of the park you can see the colourful roller-coaster rails tangling over each other forming all sorts of rings. And a gigantic eye located right in the middle decorated with bright red LED lights flashing, the Ferris Wheel. And each ride has a long string of people attached to it waiting with an all-time smile to ride the adventurous rides. Families, couples, students, walking on the mysterious tiles painted with rainbow colours, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

They said there are rows and rows of shops, selling from drinks to foods, hotdogs and popcorns. Excited visitors rushed towards greedy stall holders to buy the multi-coloured fancy candy floss or to have a go at the hot icy ice-creams. In the deeper part of the park there is this flower ocean. Where all sorts of vivid flowers from sunflowers to cherry blossom spread around.

But, all I could see is a place with no more than two colours everything was so grey, so colourless, nothing special. The black outline of the “colourful” roller-coaster rolling above me, white bars of the “bright red” Ferris wheel spinning anti-clockwise, black squares of the “rainbow” tiles humans walk on, grey petals of the “vivid” flowers smirking, silvery stick of the “multi-coloured” candy floss. From black to white, to white to black.

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I walked lazily on the smooth concrete floor looking around hoping if someday I would see more colours. A smell rolled up onto my nose, a honey –like smell, sweet, but an odour of human sweats like a rotten fish roamed the atmosphere. One, two, three, children came and pat my head as if I am their towel to clean their disgusting hands. The people grew more and more never gone lesser and lesser.

The evening curtain started to fall, slowly the day comes to an end. As it gets darker and darker, my eyes get clearer and clearer. I stand outside of the gate watching one by one going out with an unwilling face. From Children crying to stay to parents trying their best to pull them away. There is no more sound, only the whistle as the wind blows. No more smell, only the freshness of the night air, no more colours only the reflection of the moon. A complete different side. I stare up at the sky, the emptiness of this place, reminds me of my solitude among the stars, the moon and the sky.

I love to be a dog, we are the loyal ones…

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