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Three songs

Last updated on 26.05.2020


So, due to this being turned into a weekly challenge, I thought I’d be a little more open and make like a part two for the old love life post. So here’s my entry for this week’s

#MyLoveLifeInSongs Challenge

This won’t be a complete list because I don’t want to keep you here all day and I removed a couple of songs and added another but here are a few of my love life stories in 5 songs in chronological order.

I hope you enjoy it!

A Heart Full of Love/In My Life

Oooooh a Les Mis song, wonderful. I love this song, it has so much drama in it but also a love story between two that turned into something great. But the thing is, I never thought I’d be the Cosette to someone’s poor Eponine.

In kindergarten, much like most of my days growing up to present, I was bullied by this one older girl. Reason being because her little sister, let’s call her Melody, could not keep up with me in Maths. Quite the clever girl she was trying to emotionally drag me down so I’d give her little sister the limelight of every subject ever. Her little sis, though I don’t blame her because she was young, didn’t really do anything about it.

Fast forward a few years and Melody became close friends with a guy who, for some reason, had a crush on me. One day, he came to her to ask for help on how to tell me his feelings which, at the time, I reciprocated.

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She was there when he confessed and, looking back now, I feel really bad for her. She never got to admit her own feelings to this boy. But hey, we were all young and I’m sure she found someone else.

Still, this is a story I used to love to tell in detail. But if I made this any longer you’d be here sitting for like an hour so yeah.

A Thousand Years

This would probably be my most favorite relationship among the ones that I’ve had. It was very pure, very innocent, very fun. I think we helped each other be better.

I’d say that this song represented us in the way that what we had was maybe the purest form of love, or what we thought was love at the time, and we kind of just let it blossom in the most natural way possible and I don’t know. Whenever I hear this song all I can think about is that it’s really sweet and it’s just so loving and soothing and perfect. It’s just the perfect resemblance of young love and I believe that’s what me and this boy had.

We didn’t really share any interest in anything too intimate or too physical, maybe because we didn’t see each other that way and also we believed we were too young :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I really loved the guy at the time but I guess every plant withers at some point, maybe some just faster than others.

I still know where he is, we still talk occasionally and he currently has a lovely girlfriend that he’s been with for almost a year. I wish them both the very best.

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Alright okay, this one is pretty much a no brainer. You know who you are and, if you’re reading this, here’s to you.

I’m learning to come to terms with this one. I never denied it but maybe, subconsciously, I’ve always been in denial. I’m not really one to move on too fast, even though my constant “flirting” with the most random people might suggest otherwise. I guess it’s just part of my personality :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A Wonderwall is like someone that you constantly find yourself thinking about. Someone you seem undeniably infatuated :tm: with. This person is my Wonderwall and I guess it has been very obvious, more than it probably should be.

So I guess that’s about it for this one too :^)

What can I say other than I feel sorry for myself for having so much of this lmao?

Well I hope you enjoyed part 2 of my love life in songs and, hopefully, there won’t be more :joy:

Have a nice day!

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