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Till time do us apart

“Stop it with that, Zayna. You know that better than anyone here what that girl does.” Krystal looked at Zayna with all seriousness in her voice. “Fine.” Zayna agreed with Krystal. They both continued to drink their sodas while looking at Noah.

The “party” early because people started to leave sooner than expected. Zayna and Krystal walked out talking to each other and they didn’t see Noah standing behind them. “Hey”,” Noah whispered in between them touching both of their shoulders. Krystal jumped a little and Zayna screamed. “You know you can’t scare me like that, Noah!” Zayna exclaimed towards Noah while playfully punching him. “Yes, I can!” Noah playfully punched Zayna back. “Hey!” They both started to punch each other. Zayna began to run away from Noah. He quickly caught up to her and picked her up. “Let me down!” Zayna said as she was laughing. “NO!” Noah began to spin her in circles while Zayna tried to punch his arms around her waist. Zayna burst out laughing.

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As Krystal looked at them from a distance, they looked as if they were a couple, laughing and playfully punching each other. Krystal couldn’t help but think how they were just the perfect couple and one way or another they were going to be together.

Noah put Zayna down and they laughed at each other. They started walking back to Krystal and she smiled at them when they got to her. Noah and Zayna walked Krystal to her car, then Noah walked Zayna to her car and hugged her before she got into the car. Noah was thinking how Zayna’s hair smelled like roses and Zayna was thinking how nice it felt to hug Noah. They awkwardly separated and Noah waved goodbye to Zayna.

The rest of September was the same and every day after school, Zayna tutored Noah for A.P Literature because he was struggling with some of the basic stuff. Then, Noah would tutor Zayna for trigonometry because he was a “math wizard” according to her. She was never very good at math, but she understood nothing in trigonometry.

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Chapter 4

The months went flying by and October arrived. The first week of the month was pretty regular except the fact that Krystal broke up with Kyle for a stupid reason and Zayna has been trying to help her cope with it. Krystal is thinking of asking him to be her boyfriend again hoping he will understand her stupid mistake. She is planning to ask him October 9th which is Monday in the following week.

Monday came and as Zayna walked into the school, Krystal was right there waiting for her with Noah. They both smiled at her and Krystal said, “I’m really nervous. What if he says no? What if he has a girlfriend and he dates her and he falls in love with her and marries her and lives happily ever after with her?!?” Krystal started to freak out and started to hyperventilate. “Calm down, Krystal. He won’t have a girlfriend and you are thinking far in the future, trust me.” Zayna touched Krystal’s shoulder and smiled. Krystal walked down to Kyle and started to talk to him.

After a few minutes, they hugged so Zayn assumed that they had made up. Krystal came running towards her. “WE ARE DATING AGAIN!” Krystal screamed with excitement jumping up and down. Everyone around them turned around and stared at them and Kyle was smiling in the back. “Sorry.” Krystal apologized. “That is amazing news though. I’m so happy for you two.” Zayna tried to smile but she looked awkward trying to. Krystal turned her head and her smile disappeared. “What is wr-” Zayna interrupted Krystal. “Nothin at all noth-”

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“Tell me now!” Krystal pointed to Zayna’s face. “Fine, fine”,” Krystal nodded with satisfaction, “I am happy for you, but I wish I could be as happy as you are right now.” Zayna whispered the last part. “You will be, trust me.” Krystal hugged Zayna as tightly as she could. They both completely forgot Noah was there until he said, “Umm, we got to get to class.” Both Zayna and Krystal jumped to the sound of his voice. They laughed about it and walked off to class.

Like every month, their school days were mostly the same. Zayna had a nurse that came to her house every day after school to give her medications and on Saturday she went to Sheppard Memorial Hospital for extra special treatment.

The fall dance came soon where they awarded medals to the students that got one or two Bs and a trophy for those students who got all As. Zayna and Noah were the only people awarded a trophy in all of 12th grade. Krystal got a gold medal since she

got one B and it was a 89%. Jennifer always got a trophy since forever and this time she got a bronze medal because she had six Bs and only two of them were over and 85%. As Noah and Zayna went up, Jennifer sat in the crowd looking as angry as ever.

~ ~ ~ ~

There was a Halloween party at Jennifer’s house for seniors only. She invited everyone. Zayna originally didn’t want to go and when Krystal found that out she tried to persuade her to go. “Come on, Zayna!” Krystal begged her. “Noah will be there!” Krystal smiled. Zayna sat on Krystal’s bed with her arms crossed. “You told me to get over him, didn’t you?” Zayna raised her eyebrow. “Well, yeah, but… umm.. just come! PLEASE!”

“Why are you so persistent that I come with you?”

“Because… I don’t want to be alone.”

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“Fine.” Finally, Zayna gave in and accepted to go. “YAY!” Krystal was filled with excitement and gave Zayna a hug. “What are we going to wear?” Zayna asked Krystal. Krystal reached into the chest she had at the foot of her bed and pulled out one black bag. She pulled out the first costume which Zayna just saw white and red. “An angel and a devil. You can be the angel and be the devil of course.” Zayna laughed and shook her head. “Definitely not”,” she kept laughing “and that is way too short.” Krystal turned the costumes around, looked at them, measured them in front of her, and burst out laughing. They were at her hip level. “Okay well then, next ones.”

Krystal walked over to the bag, stuffed the costumes back in and pulled out new ones. They were black shorts with a white rim at the bottom, white knee high socks with three yellow stripes at the top part, completely white sneakers, and a long sleeved shirt with the sleeves and collar yellow and the body white. “Wait a second”,” Zayna analyzed the outfits. Krystal smiled at her waiting for her to guess what the outfits were from. “Are we supposed to be Betty and Veronica at the cheer practice in Riverdale?” Zayna guessed. “Yeah!” Krystal said.

They got dressed for the party that started at 8:30 at night. Since, Zayna had auburn hair so she went as Cheryl instead of Betty and Krystal stayed as Veronica.They got dressed early and they just stayed talking about school, boys and everything else.

“So, what is up with you?” Krystal aked Zayna as she was brushing her hair. “Nothing much really. How about you?” Zayna responded back while looking at her phone. “You know, the regular.

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