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To what extent does stress affect the human body system physically, mentally and socially

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Session May 2019

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Research Question:

To what extent does stress affect the human body system physically”,mentally and socially?

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Subject: Science

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Everyone has felt the weight of the world coming down on them at some point in their life. Whether they knew it or not this is a symptom of suffering from stress. This paper will explore the stress factors, types of stress, stress disorders and ultimately how to cope and reduce stress. By definition, stress is any uncomfortable “emotional experience accompanied by predictable biochemical, physiological and behavioral changes”.

We usually use the word stress when he have too much to deal with like for example when there’s deadlines that we have to accomplished and finish. As well ass too much in our plates to figure out how to get everything done.

But studies had shown that there’s way that help reduce and control your stress levels . life can get overwhelming at some point at its hard to figure out the skills and knowledge to solve and maintain peace with yourself. But many say that stress without stress many people say our lives would be boring and most likely feel pointless. However, when the stress undermine both our mental and physical health they become toxic.Because let’s face it life would be much easier with less stress.

Acute and Chronic Stress

Acute stress is a short term stress, chronic is long term stress. Acute stress would be any stress you suffer from a short period of time. For example traffic and arguments with family or friends or criticism. Our bodys are well designed to recover fast. But the body doesn’t do good in handling chronic stress. With time chronic stress increases your heart level rates as well as blood pressure. Your muscles tations will increase and will make your body harder to keep functioning normally if you do not use well designed techniques you could further get depression.

Dealing with chronic stress, a way to improve your skills to easily cope with it is mediation, yoga or a simple breath in skill. If you give yourself time each day for one more of this activities you’ll find yourself getting better on dealing with your stress levels. It is mainly focused on people who work in highly stressful jobs to learn this types of relaxation techniques in order to manage stress within work and daily life.The moment you encounter a situation that has the potential to be stressful, two conversations take place inside your head. Your entire world can look very different, depending on which one you choose to attend to. Your emotional repose is valuable tool for navigating today’s environment because you read tend to come from social interactions.


Depression is a scary subject to talk about because to be mentally diagnosed with an actual doctor is severe and scary to know the right techniques to maintain peace and antistress. Stress can lead to depression, chronic stressful life situation can increase the risk of developing depression if the techniques you are using are not doing no good for you. Depression is something scary that everyone doesn’t want to deal with there is many skills that can reduce and even vanish the feeling or even balanced out stress in daily life.

Psychological and physical stress

Stress disrupts your intestinal barrier. Something as speaking in public can result in a butterfly effect. Stress is likely to make you a gut leaky through multiple avenues many of which remain unknown. One interesting theory regarding stress and intense personality involves the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is one of the principals conduits for parasympathetic input to your body from your brain. The activity of the vagus nerve or vagal tone, can be measured to estimate how stressed you are. Various forms of physical stress, including heat stress and combat training are believed to trigger gut leakiness by the same mechanism. Some scientist are wondering if this role of the vagus nerve might explain why exercising too intensely can cut a life short.

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What is the point of stress?

The point of stress i to keep your body running and functioning. What stress does its a form of response and feeling when you have things to get done. Stress is an evolutionary response.

When is stress good?

Keeping in mind that not all stress is bad. Some stress can actually be healthy, improving performance and keeping people alert. Researchers of the university of California, found that ‘acute stress like a work deadline can result in a new nerve cell formation in the brain that can enhance performance’. Stress can mean adventure and excitement and without it, some say life would be boring. The problems is finding the balance between good stress and bad stress.

Everyone has different ways of reducing stress, I have expanded my knowledge with the usefulness of online sources and hardcover books and came up with eight tips to help cope with stress and prevent it from worsing up.


Journalist is a tool that helps reduce stress and is highly recommended. There have been studies that show and demonstrate the effectiveness in health, peace and happiness. It is also not only a simple technique but is very enjoyable at the same time. If you take 20 minutes of your day and write how your day went it makes it easy to reflect on how you could of received and processed things. Journaling is a quick anxiety relief.

Writing is a form of cognitive reappraisal therapy. If your mind is overwhelmed with negative emotions relating to a past event writing down of what occured forces you to engage your rationality and disengage from your negative emotions. This process of writing has been shown to help relieve social anxiety.

Avoid Negative Vibes

If you surround yourself with genuinely happy and positive people, you catch their happiness. Mood is infectious. So avoiding negative people is key. A study followed more than four thousand people found that happiness can extend to up to three degrees of separation to the friend of a friend. If you are surrounded by happy people, you are more likely to be happy in the future. Your environment is a major factor in our daily life if you are surrounded with people who genuinely want you to succeed in life, they will push you to your limits and make sure that you stay on top and have no stress to worry about.

Negative people can waste your time. I Don’t allow negative people to steal your time and energy. Rather than complain on how much you dislike the individual strike a conversation about common topics.


Stories had showed that exercise has been a great impact in their life it has helped reduce stress. It has not only helped reduce it but as well as being healthy and in good shape. The physical benefits of exercise improves physical condition and fighting disease have long been established, and physicians always encourage staying physically active

Studies show that it is very effective at reducing fatigue improving alertness and concentration and at enhancing overall cognitive function. When you exercise it makes a difference. A few hours before you would usually sleep, your body starts wanting to sleep because you have cover up a big sleep debt. Your body clock overrides your argue to fall asleep and keeps you awake for another few hours. If you exercise during this window you might push your clock back.

Exercise helps you stay focused and concentrated on whatever form of exercise you are attempting to do. It is a great way to stay distracted and a good enviroment. It not only helps your stress levels but it gets you in good shape!

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Music has helped reduce levels of stress, it helps balanced and keep your head distracted. Some music makes you think and rethink certain events that happened in the past how you should of approach the event or argument. Mozart’s composition are said to ‘relieve cognitive dissonance, perhaps because we learn how to reconcile dissonance when conflict is presented to us in musical form and the compuser leads us to its resolution’. Music keeps the head distracted in a good way it blurs your surroundings and the best part is that you learn the whole song lyrics to a dope song!

Talking with Counselor, Relatives, Close friends

Having friends may keep you healthier and help you deal with stress better. people with close friends have a better ability to fight disease than people who are solitary. Social health is an important aspect of wellbeing, as important as our physical health. stress can cause major problems inside the body so it is important to have appropriate outlets and sources to vent towards to. Friends can provide you the outlet you need. Building a support system that makes you comfortable to open up and talk about experiences that are happening in life good or bad is a great way to ease your stress.

Talk with your friends if you are having a bad day. Having someone to talk to can act as a healthy release. The importance of friends is that they know what certain things you personally like and what things make you happy for them to provide it for you, for example your favorite food, music or watching a movie.Be honest with your needs for the friendship and put effort into if it is one that is important to you. A true friend is going to do whatever it takes to help alleviate stress and would want you to be open with them about how you are feeling.


Activities like painting, sculpting, drawing and photography are relaxing and rewarding hobbies that can lower your stress level and leave you feeling mentally clear and calm. Creating art provides a distracting tool giving your brain a break from your usual thoughts.The meditive like state focus your mind and temporarily pushes aside all your worries. I’ve talked to my close friends that take art or that have taken art in the past and question them, “has art helped you stay motivated and concentrated while working on your art piece”.And some responses were shocking. For example some where, “art has made me mediated in a weird way it helps me stay calm”, “ I like art especially when I plug in my earphones I be in my own zone”. As an conclusion Art does have a great impact in some peoples life. This skill is just temporary it helps the brain retain focus and mutes the stressful thoughts.


Sleep is very important for young adults and teens many high schoolers start working as early as 16 and it’s hard to maintain focus in school grades and getting the right amount of sleep.Given that sleep is your brains tune up garage the longer or the more challenging its milage, the more desperate it grows for routine maintenance. The longer you remain awake or the more mental activity you accumulate, the greater is you brians need for sleep. You start gathering a sleep debt from the moment you wake up in the morning. The debt grows heavier and heavier until you are desperate to resolve it at night.

Your body works 24 hours and no matter how heavy your sleep debt is, you can’t fall asleep if it isn’t the correct time on your clock. This clock is like a security guard. If you have a large sleep debt but a malfunctioning clock, you won’t be able to sleep. If you have a perfect clock but no sleep debt you won’t be able to sleep either. For a good night’s sleep you must take care of your body’s clock.

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Young adults have a lot on their plates when it comes to highschool kids day in and day out. Between classes, piles of homework, chores and some work. Many teenagers think that adding another activity to their plate would make them ten times stressful since the already have a lot going on but many of them don’t realize that be part or participating in any kind of sports can be incredible way of reducing stress. Sports stimulate a chemical productions called endorphins and its role is responsible for positive mood. This feeling helps to release tension.

“Sports engagement increase self esteem, improved self esteem can dramatically reduce your overall levels of stress. Being a part of a team is an amazing way to build one self esteem, when you are more confident in your own abilities you feel about yourself”. Sports promote individuals to feel positive about themselves. Through competition, they discover their own potential to do better and be better and to hold themselves to a higher standard. People who are very active in sports are generally healthy and have healthy bodies. Studies have shown that sports can help relieve mental stress and helps you sleep more. The more sleep you get, the better you feel. Lack of sleep can be frustrating and lead to anxiety. The physical activity that is received from playing sports can help increase sleep duration.

Taking care of ourselves

In Conclusion, It is highly important that self care is our top priorities in our lives. Stress is harmful it can lead to acute, chronic stress, anxiety and depression. It is important that we seek for help and to be informed with skills to help balanced our life involving school work, work, family, friends and mainly yourself. While self pampering doesn’t always lead to major improvements overall health the way healthy diet and exercise do, the relazion you get from it can trigger the relaxation response, which can prevent chronic stress from damaging your health so in a sense, self care is good for you inside and out. There are several different ways to focus on self care, many of which involve making time to get enough sleep, ensuring a balance of leisure time in your schedule and making time for friends. This simple techniques will make your life easier and have less things to worry about. Stress is important for our life but when it become too much to handle it does becomes toxic.


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