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Info 01/06/2019

This is a story about my trip from 27 December to 30 December.

I went whith my father, my mother and my sister to Ceuta and I explain our path.

The preparations 12/28/2018

Today, when my mother and my father come back to home at 9:00 P.M., my familly and I gnawed our suitcases. I stayed around of thirty minutes to prepare my things but my mother, my father and my sister stayed around of two hours because they lose a lot of thers things so they scerch it. And meanwhile, i was looking my new favorites serie, Rick And Morty.

The Road 12/29/2018

The day after”,when all of we woke up, my father and I put the suitcases in the car and my dad started the car to warm it up. Five minutes later, my mother and my sister came and we hit the road. My father drove the car when me and my sister were watching two differents serie while my mother was playing sudoku on her phone. In mid-way”,we stoped in a station for buy one bottle of water because i was thirsty and also to put gas.

The Arrival 12/29/2018

Once arrived in Tetouan, we deposit our luggage and finished our path to Ceuta.When we arrived, in the city, we found a lot of christmas decoration and new year’s decoration. We parked our car to goto the shops.

Shopping 12/29/2018

Firsly, we go to Paseio de Revellin because there are a lot of stores. In this avenue, we can found all franchises famous, like Mango, Pull And Bear, Zara, Sfera and a lot of others stores and the must amazing are all decoration and all shiny decoration that wa found along the avenue. Secondly we go to avenue Compañia De Mar because there are a spectacular view and a little stall that sell a lot of different things like necklaces, bracelets, clothes, clothes, … Lastly, we go to avenue de Don Juan de Borbón because there are a stores that sell a beautiful shoes at low price.

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The Come Back 12/29/2018

After our purchases, we come back to Morocco. Before return to the house, we go to one restaurant called L’Orizon. In this eatry, we ate lot of fishes because it’s their specialty and a little of potatoes in the form of french fries. After this delicious meal, we retourn

directy in our apartment.Tired, my father and my mother felt asleep while me and my sister watching TV.

The End Of The Trip 12/30/2018

Today early, we gnawed our things and put it in the car. Before returning to Casablanca, we go to one little cafe to brunch. After, we put gas in the car and hit the road. I slept during the trip and when i woke up, i found me near my house.

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