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As a matter of fact, music builds bridges seen in a broader spectrum that society needs today with the purpose to go forward. For example we both love music in a way that our common interests brought us to be in this course. Nevertheless it gave me the chance to interview Anne-Faith Arenas. One of the brightest people who love everything that has to do with music. She believes that music has an affect on society. Faith has exceptional taste in music and prefers when the song is more upbeat, with active rhythm. Though she is trying to adapt herself to every kind of different genres, she still does have her exceptions in genres that are good for dancing such as Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop. Even though her friends around her listen to pop music, she still has a family who surrounds her with the spirit of 70’s 80’s such as ABBA, Queen etc. which gives her a beautiful mixture of a musical background. Her brother came to the center by tansfering a big influence on her musical taste. Nevertheless, music has influenced her by showing that there is different ways to express one’s ideas/thoughts/emotions other than verbally sharing them. By Singing, dancing and playing the clarinet for five years, she is able to communicate as effectively and expresses her feelings and thoughts. It has also helped her become who she is, without music, dance would not exist, and dance is an important part of herself. Faith listens to music almost all the time. Usually while walking to her bus stop/school/home, when she is in the bus, when she studies (as background noise or for concentration), or in the shower (so technically every day). Her favorite instruments is the violin, electric guitar especially when the guitar plays solo in blues and everything about it is good for her unless she enjoys it. Even though she tries to get used to every kind of music, Faith does not enjoy (EDM)Techno, Rock, and heavy metal since she consider them as a type of genre that has less the participation of dancing in it. Faith perceive music as a way to enhance or suppress her feelings, an enlightening reason to dance, and to relieve boredom. This way of living has not change in her life at all. The only thing that has changed is that she started to get more evolved in Hip Hop genre. She sings, not professionally but more as for fun, and one of her earliest memories is that it has been five years that she plays the clarinet since she was in high school.

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In summary, the notion of music for Faith is the appreciation of being alive, being surrounded by friends and family, broadening the future and to receive positivite impressoins from it. According Faith, The perception of music has to be movemental, catchy, rhytmic and enviromental in a way that everybody has to be having fun. Faith loves music, and she founds that music is a beautiful way to heed the mind-body-spirit connection, and feed the soul.

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