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Visual communication

Hitesh Kumar

Professor Themeem T

AECC – English A

25 March 2019

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In today’s world we all are surrounded by visuals which appeal to our mind. The corporate world communicates with its customers through these visuals like advertisements, videos. Hence it is necessary to know about how visual communicates to us. My goal in this paper is to present an idea about how we communicate through visual media, its importance and the precautions to be kept in mind while one uses them to communicate to others. To achieve this goal, I have divided my paper into various sections which tells us about visual media and the effective visual media being used. First of all, I need to tell about visual media and visual communication.

Visual media

“Visual Media” is an everyday articulation used to assign things like TV, films, photography, compositions, recordings, etc. Individuals have been utilizing visual guides to express their conclusions and wants throughout recent centuries. People have the common inclination to focus on visuals like designs and outline.

Visual communication

Visual communication is the passing of data to individuals by the using motions, pictures, signs, blurbs and short movies promotion among others. It is the best method for passing data in light of the fact that the human personality forms things in pictures. Most of individuals react rapidly to visual pictures rather than writings. Over 84% of all marketing use pictures, well known GIFs, illustrations, activity, and signs among others to pass data. Visual communication has more effect in passing data to individuals.


It is easier to process a visual signal quickly than to read a sentence of a paragraph full of text. An image will pass a lot of information within a short a time because one image can have a thousand words.

Research demonstrates that the brain processes pictures multiple times quicker than writings. With this foundation data, it will spare time when using visuals to discuss to individuals. Instead of stacking a promotion with words, it is very valuable to use visuals to pass a message in a brief span. It improves the clearness of data as clients experience passionate feelings for items and administrations relying upon how they are promoted by utilizing pictures and designs. The use of logos supports the brand picture of the business. The uneducated can comprehend visual correspondence henceforth makes it a viable specialized strategy to all. Its effortlessness makes it simple for individuals to comprehend the data. Verbal communication will be constrained to language and there are more chances of misinterpretations. Pictures are more adaptable than words. Visual communication is a standout amongst the best methods for sending data. The fundamental reason lies in the psychological capacity of the human brain. It is prevalent as individuals love watching pictures, GIFs, realistic recordings as opposed to tuning in to words or a promotion. Online networking sites like facebook uses advertisement which has less words and more designs. Additionally, visual influences people to react rapidly to an advertisement.

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Types of effective visual media used for communication


Television is one of the most popular forms of communication in the world today. TV is one of the most sophisticated means of mass communication media. It serves the people by disseminating the information in areas of agriculture, national integration, health and hygienic, entertainment programmes, advertisement etc. TV is an ideal medium to convey information to illiterate and literate in urban and rural areas on whom it would have profound impact. As an instrumental device it is being used in variety of ways such as for direct teaching for supplementing formal education, for developing psychomotor skills, for adult education and for diffusion of agricultural know-how from etc. It is expected that the rural oriented TV programmes can solve the problems of inaccessibility, illiteracy and shortage of skilled persons in India. In rural development nothing is more important than the transfer of useful ideas from one person to another. The researches in agricultural sciences are of no use, unless they are communicated to the farmers in an effective manner in the shortest possible time. Television has developed as an incredible vehicle of communication. TV is giving data and excitement even to the general population of remote. While it gives sound, vision and development, it can achieve the biggest number of individuals in the most limited conceivable time. TV gives data and diversion to the majority in a way like no other type of communication does.


“Cinema is the ultimate pervert art. It doesn’t give you what to desire — it tells you how to desire”,” according to Slavoj Zizek, a Slovenian Marxist philosopher.

Film Communication is a process of transferring meanings or information through visual receptors. It is a man who creates this form of communication. There exists a cognitive relationship between a filmmaker and a viewer. Films and motion pictures are decent methods for correspondence as this is the most engaging strategy for passing on messages to general society. It is very important to understand how the country, its people and its aspirations are represented in the cinema. Cinemas can be a form of art, entertainment, social document or critique. Cinemas and movies are a very good means of communication as this is the most appealing method of conveying messages to the public. It educates us about many things in very approachable and comfortable manner. It is easy to remember also, as it has visual as well as audio appeal, hence the audience won’t forget about what they saw, heard and learnt out of any film, for that matter. If any genuine issue is taken up as a film, its impact on individuals will be dependable. It imparts the majority about social indecencies, political acts of neglect, financial abuse and the quick changing Indian culture and its esteem framework.

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Photography and art

Jim Casper said, “The language of photography continues to get more interesting and more complex as it becomes the most universal medium of communication worldwide.”

Photography is all about communication. Communicating a scene or an object is similar to communicating in writing. It overcomes the differences of language. The goal is to emphasize the significance of uniquely perceiving, which results in effective communication. People of all ages, races, genders, and ethnicities can participate in this medium. Photographers have utilized the pictures to revealing judges in the public eye, censure wars, and disclose the respect of mankind additionally they can demonstrate our way of life. A wide range of individuals are using photography to advocate for social imbalance and separation. Males, Females, Children, Adolescents, seniors, Adults, People of Color, and People of multi-cultures, professionals, amateurs, and students are all creating photo graphics composition.

Art also gives the thoughts free-reign, allowing you to experience the surrounding world in different ways and then record how you feel about it without relying on words. Communication through art can be attained in many ways that don’t rely on words. Sometimes they’re obvious, like a celebratory image of a political leader. Artworks communicate through elements you might not notice at first, like the choice of colors, composition or how the forms are either put together.


At the point when a great many people consider computerized communication, tweets, messages and blog entries are likely the main things that ring a bell. Yet, in all actuality the eventual fate of computerized interchanges is significantly more than just content. Videos are quickly turning into the mechanism of decision for occupied web clients. Most of millennial purchasers like to get their data in video design over stages like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Video guarantees that all representatives see the very same message. By having a video, it evacuates irregularities that may enter in when the message is conveyed by an official to a few gatherings of people at various occasions, or when different chiefs each convey a message to their groups. Written communications just can’t capture certain subtleties as well as video. Body language, voice inflection and more can affect how an audience interprets a message. Video captures these elements well. Every one of these components can cooperate to make a passionate association. Video permits organizations and associations that work in numerous nations to effortlessly contact an overall group of onlookers. When it is altered and posted on the web, a prerecorded video can be seen by workers quickly from anyplace around the globe.

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Quite apart from recent activism directly linked to the use of the new information and communication technologies and freedom of information, more traditional political activism, concentrating on serious issues in the public eye, has now caught hold of YouTube and other internet based life. With changes in individuals’ propensities, particularly the measure of time spent every day watching recordings on the Internet, YouTube, the biggest video-sharing webpage, has turned out to be a recreational apparatus as well as a superb specialized device also. It is one of the biggest sources of Mass Communication. This sort of Computer-Mediated Communication enables individuals to see genuine individuals through recordings and utilize Interpersonal Communication so as to impart how they feel about the video. Online communication compared to offline, face-to-face, communication is a huge tool used on YouTube because in the online world people are less afraid to express how they feel. This permits the individual who presented the video on get input on how individuals feel about him.

Precautions while using visual media communication

If a visual aid is not properly designed for its intended use and audience, it can lead to a breakdown in communication. A visual guide with the wrong data can cause a diversion and wrong message could be delivered by the picture. Sometimes visual presentation of information becomes complex. The receivers cannot understand the meaning of the presentation. Sometimes visual techniques take much time to communicate. Verbal communication takes no time to exchange information. Visual communication is difficult to understand and requires a lot of repetitions since, it uses gestures, facial expressions, eye contact, touch etc. for communicating with others which may not be understandable for the simple and foolish people. All topics or subject matters cannot be presented through visual communication. Policy, systems, rules, plans, order and recommendation of an Organization cannot be produced in terms of visual communication.

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