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Ways to make lunch hour the most productive (and energizing) part of your day

Lunch hour or break provides an easy way to have the me-time everyday, particular for always busy workers. Making the most of this help your day feel more energizing.

Taking that break can make work to be more effective and efficient. Rather than having the guilt feeling of being away from the work load on your desk, see lunch break as what will make your day better”,

Here are ways to get the most of your lunch hour and maximize your me-time

1. Leave the Office

The Brain needs real break from time to time to keep focus and maintain energy all through the day. You can do that by stepping out of your office, having change in scenery is good way to go about it. Doing this makes you more productive when you return back from lunch hour as you tend to return physical & mentally better.

2. Have a Plan

Having a plan of what to do is necessary to know the best way to maximize that hour. Many wait till it’s lunch break to figure out what to do. To avoid this trap, you plan how you want the lunch hour to go.

Early in the week or on Sunday, plan the activities you’d like to fit into the lunch break. That helps you avoid the scramble of last minute trying to figure it out. It is also helpful especially if you’re to have a busy week- a week where you need relaxation most.

3. Take time to Rest

There are some hectic days where the body needs little downtime and rest- a break that can make the brain relax. An hour could be a lot when the body and mind relax a bit. You can also take a walk out to get some fresh air and sunshine or get a cool spot to meditate. You can also see a novel during this time.

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Having quiet and some peace goes a long way. It helps refresh you and return to work more energized and with a clear head as you could be more focused on work and get it done.

4. Make it a habit

Do you notice that lot of reasons will come up when face with hectic schedule and lead you to spare no time for lunch hour? Sometimes you see it as having no choice and it’s out of hands. However, you can make this hour work by creating time for it on a daily basis. One great wat to about making it work is by turning it to a habit.

To make the hour work and part of your day, you’ve to make it work by protecting your time. Don’t negotiate with your lunch hour, make this hour more of a sacred one to you. Set boundaries, let go of reasons that could make you skip this hour, resist all urge to say yes when it comes to work that will interfere with this hour.

Make it a daily-practice. With time and practice it will be part of you

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