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Web design 2019

Designers often perceive trends with suspicion – no one wants to follow the crowd, because the very idea of ​​creativity is to do differently than everyone else. But, of course, the stubborn movement in the opposite direction is unlikely to lead to success.

So why do we need to know what is in fashion now? Well, at least then, to develop critical thinking. It doesn’t matter how you study trends – online or just looking around, the main thing is that you are aware. Trends can say a lot about the state of our culture: what we love, what we hate, where we want to go. And the closer we get to understanding these things, the closer we are to getting into someone else’s head.

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In the end, everything that art historians, fashion critics and designers of the future will say about today will be mostly trends of the present. So let us imagine what they might notice, looking at us through many years.

3D illustration

3D illustration

All you had to do was think that the future was behind a flat design, as brands like Pitch and Stripe decided to bring old-fashioned 3D back into fashion. But if you imagine the illustrations in the spirit of the beginning of the zero, you are mistaken.

In 2019, designers will actively combine 3D graphics with the already familiar 2D, thus giving the depth of the plane. And considering how rapidly the technologies of augmented reality are developing, we will definitely see interesting work in this area.

From playful trademarks to serious logos

Mailchimp logo

Updated Uber logo

In 2018, many large brands decided to abandon their eccentric identities in favor of sans-serif options. Most likely, none of them individually thought that in the end everyone would come to the time-tested version.

For example, Mailchimp has updated the font, but still manages to look pretty playful. In all other cases, this trend looks like a return to a stable option that will not fail.

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Outline font

Example: Silver Island

There is something attractive in this “elusive” trend. Outlined fonts definitely attract attention and make you read the entire text, because of the subconscious desire to fill in the blanks. For brands, this is a great way to make yourself vivid.

In a world ruled by a “sans serif” design, outline fonts look new and traditional at the same time. Isn’t that what any brand needs?


Web brutalism as a trend appeared back in 2016, but continues to gain popularity. Its feature is the creation of deliberately complex and “ugly” sites.

Brutalism has replaced the minimalist style that has prevailed in the network in recent years, and has become a kind of challenge to society. Approximately the same thing was done at the time by punk musicians.

Where web design moves in 2019

Comparing brutalism with punk movement is no coincidence. As time has shown, the attributes inherent in a particular subculture can be easily adapted to the mass consumer. So it was with punk, then – with a grunge, and a bit later hipsters got under the hand.

The largest library of examples of this style can be found. here.

Inclusive Design

Same conditions for all users

Inclusive Design suggestsdesigning products so that they can be used by as many people as possible without the need for special adaptation. In other words, the goal of inclusive design is to take into account the features of all users and create equal conditions of use for them.

The term “Inclusive Design” came to us from the UK. In the US, this concept is called “Universal Design”.

Important conditionuniversal approach in 2019 is the principle of non-averaging. That is, it is important to understand that it is impossible to reduce everything to a common denominator – one way or another, all of us, according to certain parameters, can not fall into the category of “average”. And “average” does not mean “suitable for all.” Therefore, designers will increasingly begin to lean towards developing solutions that would be suitable for users at the far ends of the spectrum.

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Bold font

Yes, bold. For some reason, this item appears in many similar trend lists. Bold font is relevant since 1440, when the very art of typography. The only exception is the short period in 2013, when Apple introduced the fashion Helvetica Neue Ultra Light.

Where web design moves in 2019


The trend to add animated elements to sites is not new, but it does not give up the position. “Movable” parts can be very useful for users, suggesting where to find the section of the resource they need. It is logical to expect that this year we will see a lot of interesting decisions in this area.

But there is also bad news: animated elements added thoughtlessly, “for the sake of beauty” and not convenience, can harm the site and users much more than it seems at first sight. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to recall the benefits of moderation. You do not want to cause an epilepsy attack in sensitive visitors of your site?

Massive text

Copywriters and other experts in the field of content have been saying for a long time that in the process of working on the design of sites, content should be put in the first place. After all, publishing on the Internet is still text. And despite the fact that talk about the importance of content has been going on for a long time, designers paid attention to it only now. Recently there are more and more sites, the central element of which are massive text inserts.

Where web design moves in 2019

Some inserts are so large that sentences have to be divided into small fragments. Theoretically, this forces users to focus a little more on content sites.

Where web design moves in 2019

Non-standard block arrangement

The era of card design has taught us to clear the groupings of visual elements on sites. But this is not the only way to tie them together. So, in recent years, many designers have fallen in love with asymmetry, because it does not limit their creativity. This has led to an increase in the popularity of “broken” markup, which allows you to create very interesting works that are difficult to forget.

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Where web design moves in 2019

So, we figured out what trends in 2019 are considered the main Western experts. But our TOP would be incomplete without the opinion of domestic experts.

Andrei Abramov , art director of AIC:Where web design moves in 2019

What I like is the return of 3D illustration. And not just photorealistic renders of solid objects and abstractions, but cartoon caramel objects! I look forward to moving from raster graphics output to simple light stories with animations in this direction 🙂

Inclusive design is the right direction. But so far, in my opinion, most of the examples and solutions have been added as if only for the purpose of getting into the top design news. Applicability is zero. Or they make a universal solution, bypassing the understanding of the audience, fearing regulators and ratings, to the methods of which there are also questions.

Art Director of AGIMA Leonid Nikulin:Where web design moves in 2019

Duplex continues to evolve and only grows more and more.

Natural photos. Time images from photo stocks coming to an end. It is worth using photos that cause natural emotions, but not feigned joy.

Non-standard typography, use of fonts in a language other than the interface language. Understanding of written headers from the user is not required.

Original illustrations. Specially drawn illustrations for the project are remembered much more.


Perhaps you can say with all fairness that the flat design is losing ground, giving way to bold experiments. Of course, it would have been impossible to list all the tendencies, because there was probably no such freedom, which came to the designers in 2019. Therefore, if you did not find your idea among the above items, do not be intimidated. It is possible that she will lead the list next year.

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