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What leads people to want to commit murder

In the world murder happens all the time. But in some cases it can be by a family member or friend. As people we sometimes wonder what drove that person to want to kill another. We wonder what fueled them to take the life of that person.

In many cases it is all psychological. The person committing murder could have a mental problem and could claim have no control over the situation itself. Also some have gone through trauma in their lives which messes with them and they end up leading lives in revenge and pain. Or it can be in revenge against the person they want to kill for something that happened between them. In one case I’m going to be focusing on it is going to be on the murder of Dee Dee Blanchard. Who was murdered by her daughters boyfriend. In this case the daughter wanted to get rid of her mother but couldn’t do it herself. But after it all happened her daughter Gypsy said she wished it never happened. So what led her to want her mother dead?

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People say that with adults the two major reasons for murder are for either hate or for money. So in most cases an attacker will choose their victim by means of money and seek financial gain from killing this person either by it being passed down to them or by stealing it. Or the crime could be committed in hatred. Such as envy of love which could be seeing a past love one with a new spouse and wanting to get rid of the new spouse. Also in hatred people seek revenge if they get fired from a job. So a few things can me the motive for a person wanting to kill someone.

When it comes to murder the drive in the brain is so strong and your so set on your goal that it consumes the person. They can become fixated on this crime and be driven by it and to pursue it.

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There was a discussion held at the Rubin Museum of Art by thriller writer Scott Turow and neuroscientist Michael Gazzaniga called The Murderous Mind The event is part of the museum’s Brainwave series where they discuss the brain in certain scenarios. When doing a study on the brain it was said that “when the part of the brain that controls emotions and impulses is not suppressed, the killer within can wreak havoc on society” ( They also said in their discussion that we all have those moments where we are very angry and say we want to kill someone. But never act one it. And this is because we don’t actually want to kill this person.

According to Gazzaniga, all people have a killer instinct that we keep controlled. “Everyone is capable of killing if triggered”( Also gazzaniga says that there is a difference between lashing out on someone or a crime of passion and premeditated crimes. One is in the moment in anger and isn’t thought out. While a premeditated crime was thought out and planned and they wanted to kill this person. Im one case that person does it on the spot in a rit of rage. While the other person think over and creates a scenario in their head of how they want to carry out their crime.

Also when committing murder many things can go that person’s head. They are usually very focused on committing this act and what they are going to do afterward. “ It isn’t an easy thing to do, to be able to harm, let alone kill, another human being. For a lot of people, it is a momentary loss of judgement fueled by rage, love, jealousy or other such intense emotion”( In lost of cases the person is filled with rage and blank on anything else in their mind until after they’ve killed that person. They are so angry and prepared to kill this individual that they forget everything else that is going on and this can in some cases result in the assailant killing more than one person because they are so set on this act. And while committing the murder they don’t usually realize what they have done fully till later on because their adrenaline has stopped and they can actually focus and see what they’ve done. And in some cases the person will try and clean up and cover their mess. Some feel guilty and confess. While others just leave and don’t care and never feel bad about what they did. And others like the case I will be talking brag about their murder online without remorse.

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In the case of the murder of Dee Dee Blanchard there was no immediate remorse shows by the killer. The case of Dee Dee Blanchard’s murder is very different. It wasn’t planned out for a long time but it was premeditated. And this case needs come backstory before the explanation of the murder.

Dee Dee Blanchard is the mother of Gypsy Rose Blanchard who faked her daughters illnesses for most of her life. When Gypsy was a baby when Dee Dee claimed her she had sleep apnea as her first illness. When Gypsy was eight years old, Dee Dee described her as suffering from leukemia and muscular dystrophy and said she required a wheelchair and feeding tube. “The list of medical problems that Dee Dee related about her daughter would go on to include seizures, asthma and hearing and visual impairments”( Her mother only had Gypsy in her life so she faked her illnesses to make sure she couldn’t leave her. Because of all the medications Gypsy lost teeth, and had many other health conditions worsen because of all the medications she was on. This also made it look like Gypsy was sick so her mother was able to pass it off as another problem.

Her mother was able to use her daughter to get financial gain. “It was reported that Dee Dee used to set up movies and a concession stand at her house and charge people to come, supposedly to raise money for Gypsy’s medical care, but later on it was reported that Gypsy’s medical needs were taken care of by Medicaid”( She also used Gypsy’s story to inspire people and charities to help them out. Also the Blanchard’s house was built for them by Habitat for Humanity to accommodate Gypsy’s wheelchair and even painted the house pink. And since it was believed that Gypsy was gravely sick Make a Wish gifted they family a free Disney World trip. Also singer Miranda Lambert after hearing about their story gave the family $3500. And these are just some ways Dee Dee used her daughter to get her stuff and make her money.

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During her whole life Gypsy started to become suspect to everything when her mother first made her sit in a wheelchair when she knew she could walk. And throughout her whole life she was force fed pills and punished for not wanting to take more medicines. She wanted to bed normal. So one day she tried to run away with a guy she met at a convention but her mother soon tracked her down and lied to the boy and says Gypsy was a minor so he would leave her alone. While at the time Gypsy was 19. “According to Gypsy, Dee Dee smashed her computer and physically restrained her to her bed after they returned home. Gypsy has also stated her mother would sometimes hit her and deny her food”( This angered Gypsy who had been deprived of a normal childhood and wanted to be free from her mother.

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