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What sport(s) do you do with them?

Last updated on 04.06.2020

Cardigans, two. Rory, my three-year-old, is my A-everything dog. Ben is ten months old and knows nothing except how to run real fast and whine real loud. Here’s all three of us, Rory is the one that looks like a perfect angel, Ben is the one that looks like a sewer rat/coyote mix. Just kidding. They both look like sewer rats. I’m the one in the middle. Three sewer rats.

What sport(s) do you do with them? How did you very involved in it?

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We do obedience (and rally) and agility! Rory (CD RAE AXP OJP CGCA CGCU TKP, and some handful of non-AKC low level intro stuff) started me in agility because he was an environmental teenager I felt I had no bond with. Some months of training agility and figuring out our toy play later, I took a FDSA heeling class, we enjoyed it, I entered him in his RN, he got me three first place ribbons and a funny coaster and I’ve been chasing the high ever since. (Ok, I’m kidding, I also just really enjoy obedience training.) He started trialing agility later that year, and got his RAE and CD last year.

Is this the first dog you’ve trained in the sport? How long have you been training this dog for it? Do you compete, or plan to, in any/all of the sports you train for?

Yep, Rory is my first. Ben is therefore my second.

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Rory and I worked heelwork and other obedience stuff for probably about three months? Before I started his RN. He’s three now, so that’s 1.5 years of obedience. He started trialing agility roughly a year after our first intro class, so call it more like two years of agility I guess, but we honestly don’t practice agility as seriously as obedience lately, because he’s just pretty good at obedience (and is a bit of a bar knocker in agility lately) and I like success. We’ll be going for his CDX this year, and probably trialing agility to some extent, but I’m happy to have that on the back burner for a while.

Here’s one of Rory’s Novice A obedience runs; he scored 198.5 and won High In Trial that day, at a pretty good-sized show.

Ben is starting his agility training, since that’s what I hope to focus on with him and he’s baller, though his breeder boarded them for a couple weeks recently and wouldn’t stop exclaiming about how big he is… so now I have measurement anxiety, thanks a lot! With any luck, Ben will be debuting in rally this year, and maybe agility by the end of the year if we get our homework done, but I’m not fussed about waiting. He has some arousal and frustration issues that will take some good groundwork, but once we’re over the hump I’m sure we’ll get places.

Since he hasn’t accomplished anything besides being approximately the size of a small moose, and I don’t have video of his CGC/A, here’s a compilation video I did of Ben’s tricks when he got his TKP; he was around 19 weeks at the oldest in the video so… he’s bigger now. 🙁

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