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Why a digital lock system

I once had an 8:00am interview that would take me 11km away from home. It was the interview of my life. I had been waiting for this opportunity to break out in my marketing career. That Thursday, I had left home 2 full hours before the interview to ensure that I got to the office well in time. I had gone half way when I realized that I forgot a crucial document at home. I got off the bus at the next stop and immediately ordered a taxi to take me back home and then to the office.

On reaching home, I reached in the inner pocket of my jacket for my bunch of keys and to my utter dismay it was not there! Panic flushed over me immediately as I felt a tear in the pocket. I immediately knew my appointment plans had been frustrated. I had lost my keys at the worst possible time!

Here’s how it could have been different. Only a week before, a friend of mine had introduced me to a relatively new digital lock system that eliminated the need for carrying keys around. I was obstinate and uninterested. Fast forward to this day and I have the affordable lock system installed. I had missed my appointment that fateful day, but never lost another opportunity to lost keys.

Here are other reasons why you should install a digital lock system outlined:

Burglary Proof: A typical digital lock system comes with no provision for a key. This makes it impossible for burglars to pick the door locks. These criminals meet an impossible task when it comes to houses equipped with these specialized locks. The safety of your house is therefore heightened.

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No need for Bulky Keys: Just like my experience proved, a bunch of keys can be a real inconvenience. Heavy to carry a likelihood of getting misplaced. To be on the safer side, a digital door lock guarantees that these disadvantages are eliminated. People who own hotels and homes for rent also do not have to incur unnecessary costs on misplaced keys or changed locks.

Increased Security: Digital door locks offer a variable combination of pin codes. I can’t count the number of times that I have changed my pin code. This gives me absolute control over the people who have access to my house. In my case, only my family members. This has drastically reduced the probability of unauthorized people gaining access to my home. This also finds application in company buildings and secure facilities.

Elegance: A digital door lock has a classy vibe about it. The combination system seating neatly on the wall outside my house gives my home an additional appeal. It is an item of aesthetics on its own.

Ease of assess: With this system installed, no more do you have to struggle with inserting keys in a keyhole or finding the right one in your bunch of keys. Your home, office or facility becomes a combination pin away. This is also useful for elderly people and the disabled whose fine motor functions are impaired.

There are definitely a plethora of advantages that accrue to digital lock systems. In summary, they are safer, more advanced and easy to use.

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