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Why immigration to australia should only be open to people who can speak basic english:

From the Gold Rush to the creation of the Australian national anthem and even the founding of Scotch College, Australia and its people have always benefited from and depended on immigration from foreign lands. Without our long history of immigration to Australia, this would be a no man’s land, a country deserted without a people. For that reason alone, we should be grateful for Australian immigration. However, there is an ever-rising problem in our great country, the non-English-speaking immigrant. Hear me out… Statistically speaking, 28.5% of Australians are immigrants. That’s 6.9 million people. It’s safe to suppose most of those Australian immigrants can speak a basic level of English since Australia, believe it or not does in fact happen to be an English-speaking nation. It is also safe to assume that most of us would be shocked to hear the number of immigrants living in Australia that can barely speak a single work of English. Let us test this hypothesis. The 2006 Australian census found that there were 560 000 Australians which could not speak basic English or any English. This unfortunate number has been rising ever since. In the 2011 census, this number rose to 655 000 Australians and finally, in the 2016 census this number was at 820 000. Today the number of non-English-speaking immigrants is estimated to be well over 1 and a half million. Now you may ask, “So What? Why is this a problem?”. Well, I’ll tell you why. But first, I’d like you to imagine a young Russian man named Vlad. Put yourself in Vlad’s shoes. You’ve just landed in your new home; Australia and you don’t know a single word of English. The first thing you do Vlad is, catch a taxi to your new house. You get in the car and you tell the taxi driver to take you to your new address. But wait, Vlad, you don’t even know a single word of the English language, so you can’t even say your own address. So, you get out of the taxi and walk by a service station. You go into the store and ask the lady at the counter for a job. Oh well, bad luck mate. That lady up the front, she doesn’t speak Russian and, now with no job and no ride home, the rest of your life in Australia isn’t going to be very easy, is it Vlad? I didn’t think so. Well some may argue that allowing in non-English-immigrants from impoverished areas into our wealthy country not only opens their opportunities for success and wealth, but also acts of pure kindness and friendliness. I would argue the opposite. I would even go as far to argue that the inability of basic communication, held by the non-English-speaking immigrants of Australia, is equivalent to the act of isolation. When you cannot speak to the people which you depend and rely upon, those you need most, you cannot survive. In the bigger picture, we, not just as Australians but as human beings are a social species. It is in our nature to communicate and without it, all the opportunities for success and wealth we once might have thought we had, are closed. By now you get my point. Allowing in non-English-speaking immigrants might seem like a nice and friendly gesture at first but down the road, you’re hurting them. A non-English-speaking immigrant such as Vlad, cannot function in a society and country like Australia, where the English language is commonplace So, what’s the solution? Simple, teach Vlad and others like him, basic English for a cheap price at Australian embassies around the globe. It might cost the Australian taxpayer a few dollars, but in the long-run, I bet you it’ll be worth it.

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