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Why is it important to study the media, rather than simply consume it?

Last updated on 25.07.2020

What does it mean “The media”

Before we in-depth exploration into this question, shall we ask ourselves what does “the media” actually means? In the knowledge of the masses, media is the plural form of medium and according to the information from the website (Understand Media, 2019) it can be defined as an organization that established information with deep-seated values which publish that information to a certain parcel of the public in order to manage a particular object.

And yet, the organizations can be the newspaper, radio stations or even the social networking websites. However, from the perspective of media scholars, the term “the media” can be explained as the industrial production and mass consumption of information. It could be the industrial production of printed text, film or television. For instance, Facebook as one of the most human social software sells space for advertising in order to make it more valuable as well as to let people get more interaction. So, why should we study the media, rather than simply consume it?

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Why Study Media

In agreement with the love-hate relationship with the media which was mentioned in O’ Shaughnessy’s (2016) article “Why Study Media”, the media were a source of great entertainment and information. Through the medium of seeing how the media work are intended to upgrade the masses’ comprehension, gratefulness and satisfaction.

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In today’s modern society, people are always live a fast-paced life, the best way to take time out is get themselves something it might be interesting, specifically watching any genres of YouTube or Netflix videos or scrolling on Facebook, Twitter as well as Instagram. The media have the capability to make a private space public.

Any posts that people posting on media will become a hot issue which will cause a heated discussion. Sometimes, reading comments left by cyber citizens is even more fascinating than the original post! Furthermore, we can express our own opinion, or we can share it, but this behaviour is carried out under the responsibility of the case.

Positive social force

Moreover, sharing ideas across physical distances can be classified as positive social power. In Thompson’s (1995) article, he noticed that a brand-new convention for the direction of widespread wrangle was given in Europe within the late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries when the discriminating periodicals and truthful publications seem to be started. Therefore, the salons and coffee houses expanded, became sites of groupthink and ambiance where literate society could interact with one another.

Such mannerism is still keeping on from the time of the mid-seventeenth century until now, nevertheless, the only transformation is the dialogues along with interactions regardless of the locations. No matter where we are, we can still make personal remarks. As Matthew stated (2017) in his paragraph, “… a free press is a condition of a free society”. Studying media enable us to have the ability of free thoughts and speeches which encourage us to accept new things and obtain knowledge. With these abilities, we are no longer the frog in the well knows nothing of the great ocean.

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In this era of the proliferation of network consulting, people are generally be convinced of what they have received from various media. Precisely because of this, fake news always disseminates by society without any desire to seek a prove. This social dilemma can be identified with one of the theoretical paradigms called critical political economy with a definition of a financial hypothesis of an individual’s obligations, based on them possess basic thinking, must be adjusted together with their rights as citizens inside a capitalist financial structure.

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