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Why should you have health insurance through together with cchp

I was looking around at different companies for coverage and I did call a few different places. The customer service representatives I spoke to at CCHP were by far the best people that I did speak to over the phone. They did speak a lot about different plans that would work for me and my family. They took their time. They answered all of my questions. It was nice to actually have somebody follow through and make sure that everything was going smoothly and that any concerns I had would be taken care of.

It was very personal Knowing that you’re not just a number like some other health networks can be. Knowing that there’s somebody there for you to answer any questions To make sure that your best interest is in mind. Not only do we have award-winning customer service who can answer their questions. We’ve got online tools that can support them in terms of their journey to wellness. We’ve got nurse triage services. A 24/7 triage number that members can call if they have questions.

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You hear Children’s and you think “Oh, this is for kids.” Definitely not. You know I was a student at MATC and I worked part-time And I didn’t I wasn’t eligible for insurance at that time. So it was good to know that there was somebody that offered such good coverage. Well Children’s Hospital has a phenomenal reputation. I think not only in southeastern Wisconsin, but throughout the United States.

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So I thought it was in particularly an awesome idea for them to offer their own coverage and be within the community like they already are. I’m all about being local and sticking to people that I’m familiar with. So that really played a huge part in why I picked this plan. We’ve got roots here and we’re not gonna be leaving. I definitely feel super secure in knowing that I have such a broad spectrum of providers to choose from. It was actually a pleasant surprise to me when I opened my mail And there was a “Thank You” letter and “Thank you for getting your wellness checkup for the year.” Here’s a gift for you. A nice gift card. I just thought that that was unbelievable. I’ve never heard of anything like that ever. You get what you pay for in a lot of other cases. You get more than what you pay for with CCHP.

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