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Work and women

Dr. Sumitha Stevenson

Women across culture- LAR133

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Assignment 2 – case study of women in powerful work position.

Rateel Ghazzawi- ID 2759

Women face many challenges in many sectors of their lives but one of severe sectors is a women’s life regarding her profession and work environment. The past generations women were not given rights towards their passion of working but there have been massive changes in terms of employment for women to move with their profession outside their homes. Women are moving into jobs only men had the privilege of having in the past decades each generation women grow, as individuals women have experienced empowerment and independence yet women still face many challenges when it comes down to inequality in terms of race, gender, treated differently in a workplace environment, rights and many other things. Women are often downgraded with their abilities.

Bahrain is an Arab Muslim society, where women play a big role in the progress and development of the country, and the number of female business figureheads is increasing rapidly. Understanding the circumstances that brought these women to the leading edge of business in their country will lead to achieving and accomplishing a better business environment for women in the future. Women struggle from different issues whether it’s social, political, and cultural. Due to the certain beliefs and mentalities of the country.

Women working in Bahrain

In terms of having a variety of differences such as political and cultural differences and their differences regarding their beliefs and religion. The challenges women face in terms of motherhood and career, it’s a huge responsibility being a mother and wanting to make something of herself. It defers from being a single mom to being a married women, in such cases it’s difficult to be a single mother due to the responsibilities and support a women has towards herself and her children, and when the women isn’t single she has the support of her partner but in both cases a women has to work for her efforts specially with the challenges all women face, most women in the Arab culture don’t have the privilege of being able to work mostly when the women is married in some cases it’s for cultural or religious reasons and the mentalities of the people which in my opinion every women married or unmarried should have the right to work without having to be discriminated or treated differentially from men whether it’s in a women’s daily life or workplace environment. Women face inequality in the workplace such as unequal pay, sometimes not getting hired in specific fields just for being a women, women experience different challenges everyday of their lives.

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The challenges women face in the workplace environment are several such as:

Mental harassment, discrimination, gender inequality, etc.…

I decided to interview Dr. Nehal elnaggar my advisor regarding women& work.

In terms of motherhood and career her feedback was, being a mother and a professional isn’t an easy life style there are several difficulties and challenges a women faces throughout these particular stages in her life, although she mentioned that if you are passionate about your profession enough to balance out both your life at home and your life at work then you will be able to achieve and fulfil that kind of lifestyle. She also mentioned that we as women have different stages in our lives which require us to have self-awareness so as women we are able to identify the main goals in each stage of our life. When you are a working mother there are several decisions every women must take depending on the circumstances and situations that are faced, setting our priorities straight we as females are obligated to be flexible and to be able to manage our time. Always ensure to maintain your health and happiness and mostly your stability.

In my opinion being both a mother and a working women is very challenging, a women never knows what to expect when she balances her life out with both but if you priorities all the aspects in your life you will be able to become successful in both fields.

In terms of her previous and present work experience, she first started working in an organization abroad working in the position of oil and gas field while taking her masters, she took a break for 5 years prioritising her position as a mother, she returned once more to the same organization but no longer enjoyed the work environment so she had resigned and took a position in the ministry which helped her gain a new work experience in a different field and as a part time job she had been teaching she had the exposure of teaching undergraduates and masters level of students. After a period of time she discovered that her passion was to be a full time instructor at RUW University.

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In terms of the challenges she faced, she faced gender discrimination in terms of not being qualified enough for the position for being a female but she rarely faced that aspect she also witnessed it with other candidates. She mentioned that she had faced more challenges with females more than males within her previous working environment, such as the females not wanting her to be as successful in terms of jealousy or standing in her way of advancement, despite all the challenges she faced she still had faith and moved forward with her success by having a massive support system by her side. She also had difficulties by managing her time with all the priorities she had.

In terms of equality at workplace, RUW’s mission is to empower women and dominate more so equal opportunities are provided at the University, it varies from one organization to another regarding the equality and benefits provided, life is about balance of partnerships so women should be given their rights and to be able to be successful within their profession and not be discriminated for it but both males and females should be equal when it comes down to their success. With whatever challenges and difficulties women face they should always keep growing and be positive about their ladder of success.

To conclude

In my opinion women face many different challenges in each stage of their lives whether it’s being a mother and having a career or whether it has something to do with the challenges we as women face in our work environment but despite every challenge we face we always thrive to success and never give our dreams up, every women has the patience and abilities to face these aspects and to accomplish every little thing.

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