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World at war

It has been 3 days since the fall of the dark prince.

His name is Damian Winters. It had been 3 days since he’d overthrown the dark prince and freed the enslaved beneath the royal palace. It had been a year since his so-called “friends” banished him into space for “the safety “ of Earth. They claimed that his rampages had been too much for the earth to handle, that his presence caused great unease. So they tricked him into a space shuttle and shot him into space planning on him landing on an unpopulated planet but hoping he was killed by the cold vacuum of space. What they hadn’t planned for was a wormhole opening and bringing him here to this planet where he was forced to fight for his life as a gladiator.

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Today he starts his new reign as king.

“I have seen enough war for 2 lifetimes, and the dark prince’s peace treaties died with him. I will usher in a lasting era of harmony. Call for a meeting of the ambassadors.” The ambassadors being his brothers of the arena. One representative for each tribe on this new, green planet. A rock, A bug, A red, and A shadow.

The new king ordered that each ambassador reach out to their respective tribe and come to an agreement on a treaty. All except the shadow left immediately. The shadow known to the king as S’arrizzò had been the dark prince’s guard and was detailed by her elders as the new king’s guard. The king refused the offer, it seems all the time that he had spent fight alongside S’arrizzò had caused the new king to fall, hard. The king instead asked her hand in marriage. She agreed.

The green king returned to his chambers to find S’arrizzò kneeling before a fire. She spoke “ I am Shadow, for this marriage to be true we must complete this ceremony. Will you kneel with me as I kneel with you?” Damian with a look of hesitation on his face kneels “I will” placing their hands above the open flame “Will you burn with me as I burn with you?” “I will.” “And will you bare your body and soul to me as I bare mine to you?”

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The King’s hesitation is more noticeable this time. You see Damian isn’t only Damian, nor are we just ourselves. Inside each of us is a side we never allow anyone to see, but that night Damian revealed all of him to his bride.

It’s now been a week since the downfall of the dark prince and the rise of peace across the entire planet. The king and his new bride began to rebuild the cities demolished by the dark prince’s armies. It was a night of celebration when the king was approached by the ambassador of the bugs Chyba. Chyba told of a war room of sorts discovered within the royal palace. This room was filled with trophies of the many wars waged on this planet in the past. And on a pedestal in the center of the room was the spacecraft that brought him. Chyba, tapping into the mainframe, had played the message that Damian friends had taped for him. “Time and time again your power and rage have threatened the safety of the planet so when we learned of your being sent to space on a mission we had to seize the opportunity, I have always considered us family Damian so for this I am truly sorry, but for your sake and ours we’re sending you away. It’s the only way we can be sure. We’ve chosen your destination carefully a planet full of lush greens and animals, but no intelligent life forms. There’s nothing that can hurt you there….and nothing you can hurt. May you finally find peace old friend.”

The message fizzled to a stop “They had planned to banish me to an eternity of loneliness. They had hoped that I would die in the cold vacuum of space. What they couldn’t fathom was a meteor storm that would offset the ship’s guidance and landed me here on Cicatriu.” Damian was flooded with anger, Chyba could see the rage flowing through the king. Damian Destroyed the monitor in a fit of rage. He raised his fists to deal the final blow to destroy the tool of his banishment. But he lowered them and walked away. The expression on Chyba’s face had been one of disappointment.

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The King returned to his chambers and stood out on the balcony. He glared long and hard at the horizon. He carefully lifted the queen from her peaceful sleep. And leaped off of the balcony. With one jump they soared above the skyline and landed in the plains just outside of the city. He set S’arrizzò on her feet.

“What are we doing in the countryside my king?” Damian looked sullen at her. “ You once told me that there was a place of peace out here, that if I went there id never have to fight again. No one would look for me, no one would hunt me. Maybe we should just go. Run away with me, this kingdom doesn’t need us. We can be free there.”

She gently placed her hands on his face and positioned themselves so they were looking eye to eye. “ My king I will follow you wherever you go, but know that there is no need for this.” You don’t understand, they call me their savior but I know what I am.” “ You really think you’re the destroyer of worlds. Damian, you have ushered in an era of peace. These tribes have not known peace in millennia. My king, I will follow you until we are both old and frail, but you don’t want to leave. This is where you belong. With your people, with your queen, and with your child.” A surprised and happy expression caught the king’s face This was truly to be a day of celebration.

The next day Damian and S’arrizzò finished rebuilding the city. His ambassadors were finishing the peace treaties. The citizens decided to throw a parade for the new king and Queen. Chyba put the ship that brought Damian in the center of the city to be a memorial of the day their savior arrived. The king uneased with his ship in the courtyard moved on to enjoy the day with his wife and friends. The children of the local orphanage were out playing around the ship when it began to beep. The machine began to speak. “Warp core compromised. Critical failure imminent” The beeping became more frequent, more frightening. Damian could not have got there any sooner. He yelled from across the courtyard nearly 3 miles long. “MOVE, GET OFF”. With a great stride, he was in front of the beeping ship, he lifted the ship up and launched it into the sky…But it was too late. He turned to his queen standing before him. They embraced each other but one of them could not withstand this explosion, one of them would die today, One of them would be a grieving father and husband after today. S’arrizzò looked Damian in the eye fear filled her face and said “ Don’t worry damian….I will never leave you”. The explosion shook the planet to its core. Shattering its tectonic plates and erupting magma everywhere. The planet was dead. Its people incinerated. Its queen and prince ash. The only survivors being the ambassadors and the few that were with them. They watched as their home was obliterated. Back in the city, the king kneeled with his dead wife and child in his arms. “ These people thought I was the Salbatzaile, the savior come to save them and unite them. But I was the destroyer all along. Stupid humans with your stupid shuttle. CANT YOU DO ANYTHING RIGHT! I want to die, I want to burn into nothing, But with your bomb, you just made me stronger than I’ve ever been, now I’m all alone”. Damian erupts in a burst of rage. Cracking the ground even more. Screaming at the top of his lungs. GIVE….THEM……BACK…..GIVE….THEM……BACK……give her back.” Just as he said that the ambassadors returned. Chyba reached his hand out to Damian. “ we must leave he…” he was interrupted “leave me alone, nothing left to save, no one left to fight. You’re wrong my king the rock has been to every planet in the universe I’m sure you can think of one place you’d like to go.”. Damian looked up with eyes filled with hate, filled with rage, ready to go to get justice. This is the story of Damian Winters, the Salbatzaile, the destroyer of all and his return home.

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