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World cancer day

International Cancer Day


The World Cancer Day 2019 is celebrated annually on Feb 4. Donning the theme of ‘I am and I Will’, it helps people elevate their lifestyle and thinking processes to adopt a more fulfilling way of life. We urge you to make a change starting with the International Cancer Day today through a positive belief in the future!

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World Cancer Day 2019: Here’s Your To-Do List!

It’s the World Cancer Day 2019 today! Celebrated internationally on Feb 4 every year, this day marks the increasing general awareness against this global malaise. It also seeks to increase awareness regarding its detection, prevention, cure and even eradication (if possible).

This day is also celebrated to address misinformation and myths around it. We think it is mighty important to understand the scope of this discussion because people are often mislead than mistreated.

Medical Scientists across the globe are busy looking for a cure to this global malaise. We thought it would make some good sense to get hold of our doctor and to present you with his To-Do list to help you stay fit (and preferably, away from Cancer too).

Get going this International Cancer Day!

1. STOP consuming tobacco and its products. Simply STOP!

They say, ‘smoking a cigarette reduces your life by ten minutes.’ We know you would have seen ample images, videos and infographics telling you how your body changes per minute after you start or quit smoking. This day, we urge you to heed to the advice mentioned therein and make a difference to yourself.

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2. STOP (or at least severely limit) consuming alcohol

Yes, you knew this was coming! We do accept that consuming a small amount of red Wine or supporting alcoholic drinks is good for your digestive system- it truly is. However, most people do not stop there. They often just go on and on and on, and then find themselves standing on the wrong turn. We urge you to please stay away from the temptation.

3. Look for any unusual changes in your eating habits

Are you experiencing some unusual weight loss or weight gain? If so, this could be the onset of something bad. At the very least, you should get it checked. We are not trying to dramatize the situation because we know it could due to some other reasons as well, but maybe staying alert is a good idea.

Lifestyle changes that you need to address starting today!

This International Cancer Day 2019 could be all yours for the taking if you could make a positive difference to your lives.

4. Stay away from too steamed or Microwaved meats

Eating piping hot foods is no fun, and you can ask the cells in your throat and oesophagus. People eating unusually hot foods and improperly processed meats (or foods) may well be courting disaster. Worse if it is microwaved too.

5. Pop Soda contain a lot of Bad Sugars. Stay away from them!

The soda companies spend a fortune trying to “educate” you that drinking their soda drinks adds a lot of zing to your life. Truth is far just on the opposite end. Rest you can explain to yourself.

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6. Start Meditating to address Stress-related issues in your life.

Try Zen, Yoga, Tai Chi or anything else that helps you take your mind off your workplace, your job, your pay check, your mortgage or just about anything that’s ruining your sleep. None of these distractions is worth your time, trust us.

Join us as we appreciate some Cancer survivors today!

This World Cancer Day 2019 dons the theme of ‘I Am and I Will.’ This bears a direct reference to the undying spirit of those cancer survivors who were diagnosed with this hellish malaise and still went on to conquer it with their will and determination- and a lot of self-restraint. We expect you to stay healthy and should be one of the souls embattling this hard battle, please be assured that you are always in our prayers!

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