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Write a brief statement about your goals for the program

Last updated on 28.06.2020

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About me

Throughout my time in high school, I have always strived for the best by setting goals and having mentors that will direct me towards attaining my dream of pursuing firefighting as a career. Previously, I had the opportunity to participate in a CPR training course as part of our Careers and Civics course at our school. My swimming instructor trained us how to properly give first aid to a patient going into sudden cardiac arrest. We were shown the proper procedures to give basic treatment to a person until medical professionals arrive to the scene. During my spare time, I would either go to my school’s fitness centre or my local fitness centre to continuously improve on my physical strength.

I would train vigorously, with a determined mindset to beat my personal records and to strive for better achievements. being on the volleyball team and working in a restaurant, I have built upon my communication and problem-solving skills. The two above attributes helped me in becoming a great team player and developed my adaptability a magnitude of different problems. I believe that my physical regime has also improved, playing a sport and working, improved my strength both physically and mentally. The above-mentioned a attributes will benefit me in becoming a firefighter.

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Plan for a future

Furthermore, goals that I want to have for the Seneca Firefighter Pre-Service Education and Training are to continuously learn about the technologies and improvements that us, as civilians, can do to help save lives. I want to be able to expand my learning abilities regularly by upgrading my skills and increasing my knowledge towards better adapting to work changes and life demands

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Lastly, another goal of mine is to be a quick problem solver and decision-maker. The process of finding solutions to problems that are encountered in life; would mean knowing how to identify the potential causes for the problem and identify alternatives approaches to resolve problems. Learning these goals is very important on the fire ground. The challenging tasks and difficult outcomes that are being placed onto firefighters under conditions of extreme time pressure, where lives are at stake and where the consequences of decisions could affect the lives and property. The ability to make a decision under time constrains is a physical and mental challenge. It entails taking information all at once while trying to make the critical decisions.

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