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Effective writing skills ICA2

Question 1

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Date: 3rd January 2019



Subject: Apology for your disappointing experience at Begonia Luv Fashion

Dear Miss Tan

We understand that you have high expectations from Begonia Luv Fashion through the good reviews. Therefore, we are writing to you personally regarding the few dresses that you bought from us recently.

Our dresses are being sold at extremely affordable prices with high fashions. We believe that our new designs and special collections will satisfy our customers and we also offer sales during all big festivals. You may also check our company’s web site for an advance sales date.

Although our items are non-refundable, we do accept an exchange of item if our customer requests to. However, a short description and picture proof need to be submitted too.

We value our customers’ feedback a lot and we are sending a coupon code to you so that you can get a 50% discount when you might want to purchase from us again. You are able to use this coupon code at any time. Please send me an email if you have any questions regarding our store. Thank you and wish you Happy Chinese New Year in advance!


Sandy Lee

Manager of Begonia Luv Fashion

Question 2

3rd January 2019

Miss Wong Li-Lin

Sultana Werks, 5A Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 279005

Dear Miss Wong

Isn’t it surprising that there are nearly 1000 single mothers in Singapore in the year 2016 and 2017?

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We all understand that being a single parent isn’t something easy especially being a celebrity single mother like you. It was definitely a difficult time overcoming every problem by yourself and no one else can truly understand what you have been through. Our team members of Begonia Luv Fashion are extremely impressed by your success today.

Our company has started a Corporate Responsibility (CSR) campaign to support single mothers. With your strong influencing power, we strongly believe that you will be our number one choice to do a keynote address at our event.

Our honorarium will be an amount of $20 000 and we are also offering you a discount of $500 at our store. Although it may not seem to be a huge amount, it would be a great opportunity to help other single mothers in Singapore who might be facing a difficult time like how you did. Your presentation will get them motivated and make a huge difference in their lives.

Please do give me a call at 9123 4567 or email me by 1st February 2019 so that we can make further arrangements.


Sandy Lee

Manager of Begonia Luv Fashion

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