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Your business and you

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog in this brand New Year. I am sure you all had a wonderful celebration and you are ready to sojourn through this New Year in your different spheres of life.

It’s no news that we are business minded in the online space; everyone has something to buy or sell, be you a trader, a blogger, a content creator or curator, or even a programmer! There is actually buying and selling on-going on a daily basis. Entrepreneurship is fast becoming a trending 21st-century endeavor because everybody obviously wants to become a boss and working at their own pace to make money.

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An entrepreneur is that person that sets up a business and takes care of all the financial decisions with the hope of making a profit when the business breaks even. An entrepreneur could be seen as an innovator, source of ideas, goods, and services.

To be an entrepreneur could be very demanding and challenging on the general health of the individual in person.

Health they say is wealth, an individual has to be healthy to be able to take good care of his/her business.


*During the course of running the business, the entrepreneur may face some internal factors that could contribute negatively health wise.*


Sometimes, this can arise, when we constantly try to criticize our decisions and actions in our business can make us look miserable. This may not be very good for mental health.

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we may sometimes doubt our capabilities and may not feel confident in our abilities as entrepreneurs.


We may even lack the motivation to continue the business, lack of motivation could arise from various factors e.g. the bear market could affect crypto activities making general activities to be sluggish.


There are days in business that we may be overworked, or we may even surpassing our daily capacity. This obviously would lead to a decline in productivity, efficiency and may even cause us to be exhausted or break down.

Every human is genetically different; our ability to tolerate stress is also different too. It could be as a result of

• Diet

• Emotional stability

• Emotional intelligence

• Mental preparedness.

• Efficiency in project management

As entrepreneurs, these should always be at the back of our minds, so that we remember that we are not in competition with any other individual.


The signs to watch out for would be grouped under various body systems to make it easy to comprehend.



During the course of work, if we notice that we have these signs increased anxiety:

• Inability to concentrate on a specific task

• Poor judgment.

• Memory impairment.

Even if it’s another person that points it out to may be a strong indication to seek for help


These are also signs that could be spotted by co-workers or subordinates

• Moodiness

• Depression

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• Irritability

• Temper tantrums


These could be seen as the signs that the body uses to warn us, sometimes we may be too busy to take note of them, but they keep coming back like an alarm on snooze. They include

• Body aches and pains

• Constipation and diarrhea

• Dizziness

• Rapid breathing

• Headaches

• Nausea


There could also be some behavioral signs which may include insomnia (reduced sleep), bulimia (excessive eating) or even anorexia, social phobia etc.


As entrepreneurs, it’s obvious that we want our business to thrive despite all odds; therefore we have to be healthy to make that happen. Entrepreneurs need to be just as committed to being healthy as they are to building a successful business.

>Staying healthy is staying wealthy.

Here are some tips to help you maintain good health.

* Learn How to prioritize: This simply means doing the right thing at the right time. Learn how to differentiate emergencies, deadlines, appointments etc.

* Cultivate an exercise regimen and try to stick to it: this is very good for the heart; it helps blood to circulate around the body. This prevents diseases like stroke, atherosclerosis, it can even keep your body in good shape!!!

* Learn how to set **SMART goals**- this simply means **specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound**. This would help to put a check on your body so it doesn’t get overworked. We talked about stress earlier.

* Learn to drink lots of water: There is actually no catch here because water only helps to rehydrate the body.

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* Adequate sleep is very important to the body!

* A healthy diet is also advised.

* Know when to see a doctor!

* Frequent medical checks are advised: It is very important to monitor some vital parameters of the body to ensure that the body is functioning optimally. Some of these parameters include blood pressure, temperature, cholesterol level, blood glucose level etc.



Having a good relationship between your health and business brings all the success we hope to achieve as entrepreneurs. It’s a fresh year to correct the mistakes of yesteryears. As optimistic entrepreneurs, these tips could keep us in check health wise as we all pray for a Lambo in 2019. Happy New Year friends and family.

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