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Hamlet’s tragic story shows the Machiavellian world that Shakespeare has perfectly crafted. Now this kind of world has been seen before in other stories like Macbeth, that also show betrayal, thirst for power, murder, and of course tragedy. Hamlet shows the decomposition of Hamlet’s mental state as he is later consumed by vengeance and thirst for more power. This affects…

Explore how plath and shakespeare present mental illness in hamlet and the bell jar

The human condition of melancholia remains consistent throughout history, and the presentation of mental illness remains a regular theme in literature. Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ (1609) is an exploration of the complexities of a human mind breached by loss, and an exposé of human melancholia. Sylvia Plath’s ‘The Bell Jar’ (1963) considers aspects of the human psyche, explored by Shakespeare in ‘Hamlet’.…

Hamlet quotes

HAMLET: QUOTATIONS PRACTICE [Act II] Quotation Speaker Context Significance You must not put another scandal on him (i) Polonious He is speaking to Reynaldo. He is telling lies about Laertes and for Reynaldo to spy on him. Polonius wants Reynaldo to spread bad rumors about Laertes, but to make sure he is saying it in a way you can gather…

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