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Posts published in “In The Workplace”

Report on stress in the workplace

I decided to choose to base my report on case study 1 – Ambitions exceeding skills. Throughout this report, I am going to be discussing a few of the implications that happened during Gail’s time of attempting to fulfil the directorate role. The case study is based on a small-sized private sector healthcare company whom have experienced what seems to…

Diversity in the workplace

In today’s modern workplace, it is not uncommon for certain individuals or groups to feel excluded from their peers or potential job prospects. The term ‘Diversity’ is often considered to be the inclusion of both men and women, however the word is defined as “a range of different things”. This applies to the mix of religions, generations, abilities, and ethnicities,…

Evaluation of sexual harassment laws and their efficacy in the workplace

Introduction: Today’s growing world is facing numerous problems .There are many issues that remain undisguised, unsolved and untouched since times. But, the fact can’t be denied that avoiding a problem is not a solution to it . One must think that when it is bad at present, it will go worse with time .And one such problem is “SEXUAL HARASSMENT”.…

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