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Learning english language through travelling

Learning English language through travelling BSU, philology faculty , English teacher Name and surname Annotatsiya: Maqola til o’rganuvchilar uchun samarali usullardan biri bo’lmish sayohat orqali til o’rganishning oson va tez yo’lini ko’rsatib beradi. Bunda sayohat orqali til o’rganishning oldingi o’rganish usullaridan afzallik tomonlari ochib berilgan. Key words: Kinesthetic, humility, impoverish, sightseeing, perspective, alertness Tayanch so’zlar: oddiylik, itoatkorlik, kuchsiz qilmoq, ko’zga…

Challenges in learning english as a language in underprivileged areas in pakistan

Abstract Getting education is the basic need of every human and contributing to tool for a better life with all status and standard of lives. Beginning of every journey has a teething stage which has some difficulties; such as health, wealth, mental illness, self-demotivation, communities, commuting, location, company of bad people around and many others. This article will investigate the…

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